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More information on Kmart Doubles…

I’m sorry I haven’t got around to posting much about Kmart doubles. I checked my weekly ad and didn’t see anything on it advertising this event, so I assumed it was only for a few select stores. Well from what I have heard recently I may be wrong. Supposedly Kmart is not advertising Super Doubles in all places but it might still be running.

One email I received said that you can go into ANY Kmart and they WILL be doubling coupons up to $1, even if the ad doesn’t show it… so it may be worth giving it a try! Another person did mention, though, that when they went nobody had even heard about the promotion, so she asked for a manager. The manager ended up showing her a flier for the following week showing Super doubles up to $2 being advertised!

The moral of this story is you never know with kmart, that’s for sure!

Are you interested in participating in Kmart doubles and want to find out information relevant to your store?!? Pick up the phone and call your local Kmart. Not only that but make sure you speak with a manager!

Stay tuned for more…