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My New Years Resolutions!

Its that time of year again… the time when we sit down with ourselves figure out our priorities, what we want to accomplish in the coming year and of course whats most important to us! I thought you all might enjoy reading my New Years Resolutions for 2009. I’m also writing this for myself too. When I write something, not just say it out loud I’m usually WAY more determined to stick with it!

I have quite a few resolutions this year! Here they are:
Keep detailed track of my savings and spending. Last year I kept tracking of my spending but didn’t do much in the way of keeping track of my coupon savings and other savings (Register Rewards, Extra Care Bucks). By doing this I’m hoping to appreciate even more the hard work that goes into being a coupon fanatic like myself. I will be keeping detailed track of my weekly spending as well as my coupon usage by using this simple Expense Record. Every week I will then enter it into my online budgeting software.ONLY eat out or order take out once a month! Now I know to some of you this may seem like an easy one. To my family and I, though, its definitely going to be a challenge! We often forget to plan ahead and well that leaves us with only one Expensive option. To bypass this problem I am going to start doing quite a bit of meal planning. I came across this site, that I’ve found to be very informative. You can register FREE and have access to use their customize meal planner, shopping lists, recipes and lots more. You can even create your own cookbook.Spend more quality time with each of my darling kids SEPARATELY! Our family spends a lot of time together and this past year it seems that’s all we did. This year I will be setting aside days and times to spend with each of them. I think it will be nice to let them know how important they are and what better way to do that then with an outing or activity that just the two of us are doing. I am going to fill up my whole 2009 calendar with set days and exact times I will be spending with each of them. With that said I will stop whatever I am doing to make sure I fulfill my promise to them, the most important little people in my life!Any resolutions your interested in accomplishing this year or any comments about mine?!? Let me know in the comment section below!