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CVS Deals!

Yesterday I scored some great deals at CVS!
8 Sally Hansen Nail polish colors priced at $2.50 with 50% off pink clearance stickers on them… so they ended up really being only $1.25 each for a total of $10!
2 Excedrin 24ct Back & Body $4.79=$9.58
2 Excedrin PM $5.29=$10.58
2 Colgate Total advanced 6oz=$5.98
3 Rolaids $2.49 each=$7.47Total=$43.61Coupons used-8 $1 off Sally Hansen coupons found in the Kmart beauty book=$8
4 $2 off Excedrin coupons from 10/19SS=$8
2 Colgate Total $1.50 off printables from here=$3
3 Rolaids $1 off coupons from 9/14SS=$3Final out of pocket expense $21.61 + Tax (of course I paid most of this with Ecb’s)!I received back $10 for the Excedrin, $4 for the Colgate and $6 for the Rolaids… so after the extra Care Bucks earned I really only spent $1.61!