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Another Parade reminder!

Sorry to post again about the Parade found in today’s newspaper… but I found this a bit odd. I purchased 3 News and Observers (Raleigh, NC newspaper) this morning. The first two I flipped through had one coupon for the $1 off Bounty paper towels that I posted earlier. When I started flipping through the last Parade to my surprise I found $1 off 2 Del Monte Fruit Natural cups and then when I turned that page four high value toy coupons appeared!

The coupons are for $5 off SpongeBob Squarepants featuring NickToons Globs of Doom video games, $10 off Fisher Price Dora Magical Welcome House, $3 off any Nickelodeon DVD and $5 off Dora Snow Princess Wii Video game. All of the coupons expire at the end of December except for the Dora playhouse which doesn’t expire till June!!!

If you got a few newspapers this week then definitely flip through all of them! You never know what you may find!:)