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Do you have WAY to much Shampoo & Conditioner?!?

Right now my stockpile is overflowing from all the freebies and great deals I have acquired! I have TONS of shampoo and conditioner… and that got me thinkin! Are hair care products just for use on your head?

After reading a few creative articles the answer is plain and simple- NO!
Here are a few uses that have nothing to do with washing your hair!

You can use a little bit of shampoo to do your laundry. Baby shampoo is a good bet, but you can pretty much use whatever you have. Just be careful when using shampoo for oily hair. It can damage delicate fabrics, such as silk. But a shampoo formula for oily hair will do a great job on heavily soiled clothing.
Hard, rough and dry feet can be a problem. However, fear no more, hair conditioner has the ability to soften your feet right up. Coat your feet with hair conditioner right before you lay down to go to bed. Next, put on some cotton socks and wear them to sleep. By the morning your feet should be extremely soft and moisturized.
Hot or cold months have the tendency to dry your lips out. All you have to do is add a little hair conditioner to your lips to give them a moisture uplift.
After you shave your legs, rub a little hair conditioner onto them to add some extra softness.
Don’t want to buy expensive makeup remover? Just use hair conditioner, it cleans it right up.
If you have a super sticky band-aid that just doesn’t want to budge without taking some of your skin with it, just rub a little hair conditioner onto the spot where the band-aid and the skin meet. Wait a few minutes and the band-aid should come off easily. This works great on my kiddos!
Hair conditioner can clean and polish your best silver. All you have to do is put some hair conditioner onto a soft clean cloth and then rub onto the silver. You can gently wipe any conditioner that may be left on the silver. A very thin layer of conditioner will help to protect your silver from future tarnish.
Having trouble getting a ring off your finger? All you have to do is put some hair conditioner on the finger and then slide the ring right off.
You can hide some ugly scratches on your wood furniture by pouring a few drops of hair conditioner onto a soft dry cloth, rub the wood with the cloth and then use a second clean cloth to buff it up.
Shampoo can be used to wash your dishes if you happen to run out of dish washing liquid.
Ran out of body wash? Use some shampoo. It works just as well on your body as it does on your hair.