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Having trouble with printable coupons?!?

Is it just me or are Internet printed coupons getting harder and harder to use?!? I’ve noticed quit a few stores cracking down about accepting them. I know how frustrating it can be when your told you can’t use legit printable coupons especially when you have more then a couple in hand.

Here are 2 tips that I always use-
Make sure you print in color. I know this may sound obvious to some of you. I have numerous friends though that want to save there ink so they end up printing in black ink only. To a store employee the coupon may look like its been photo-copied and they might not except it. To save yourself the hassle print in color!Use Card stock paper. It gives a feeling of a real manufacturer coupon not an Internet printed one. This will help so much with those coupon police who want to find anything and everything wrong with your coupons.These 2 tips have helped me tremendously. I rarely have any issues with my coupons now!