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Hip2Save This Holiday: Frugal Stocking Stuffers

Hip2Save This Holiday Guest Post Submitted By Reader Claire…
Just like all the other Hip2Save shoppers I buy stocking stuffers throughout the year. Every time I would get something for the stockings I would hide the bag in my closet. Plus all the samples and free things that I get in the mail would get thrown into a bag. The last few years I felt like I was digging through bags and bags of stuff trying to fill all the stockings on Christmas Eve. We have a family of 5, with one on the way, plus the stockings that we do at grandmas house, it was getting overwhelming.
This year I bought a box of gallon zip lock bags and labeled one for each person. I hide the bags in a diaper box in the garage, and trust me no one is looking in there. 😉 Now as soon as I get something for a stocking it goes directly into that persons bag. I can easily see how much stuff each person has and make sure all the kids have equal amounts. As soon as I find a deal on Christmas candy I will buy it and divide it between the bags. Now when it is time to fill stockings all I will have to do is empty the gallons bags into the stockings!

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