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Hip2Save This Holiday: Pickle Tradition

Hip2Save This Holiday Guest Post Submitted By Reader Amy…
My family comes originally from Germany. Every year at Christmas we partake in the Christmas pickle hunt. According to legend, pickles were commonly used to decorate Christmas trees in Germany. Based on this, they have since created pickle ornaments.

The tradition is that after the tree is decorated, the last ornament hung is the pickle, hidden deep into the tree. Then on Christmas morning our family holds a pickle hunt. The first child to find the pickle gets an extra treat/present marked for the “pickle finder.” The present/extra gift our family usually gives to the “pickle finder” is a small card/board game so that it can be shared with all. To this day, it is a beloved tradition in our family, my sister and I still search for the pickle on Christmas morning even though we are now 21 and 24 years old.

It was always fun to participate in the hunt even if you didn’t find the pickle. I have always loved trying to find the entirely green ornament on the huge tree, and my parents have enjoyed trying to hide it in a challenging place each year. So that is my holiday tradition I wanted to share. Happy Holidays to all!

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