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Easy Homemade Sugar Scrub

Do you suffer from dry winter skin?
A few of my family members have been raving about this wonderful homemade sugar scrub and I agree that it’s wonderful! I tried it after a sea salt manicure left me with itchy hives from the salon’s product. It works just as well as those expensive fancy scrubs and it’s made with natural ingredients!
Homemade Sugar Scrub
Supplies Needed:

Granulated sugar
Coconut oil
A few drops essential oil of your choice (I used Lemon Essential Oil and Thieves Essential Oil blend of eucalyptus, clove, cinnamon, and rosemary)


Combine equal parts coconut oil and sugar.
Mix in essential oils

Coconut oil is extremely hydrating and feels dreamy.
The sugar gently exfoliates your skin and combined they leave your skin feeling super soft after a bath. For a stronger exfoliator, you can use less sugar and add in sea salt. Use a quality essential oil or a blend of your favorite oils like I did here, or you can use a little lemon juice and rind as a natural scent. Your scrub may not keep as long however with fresh lemon.
Keep a little jar of this by your bathtub and enjoy! My pretty blue jar was just $1.49 at Cost Plus World Market.

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