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How to Create a Whimsical Fairy Garden

Have some whimsical fun outdoors this Summer by creating a magical Fairy Garden using your imagination and a few inexpensive supplies. It’s super simple to get in on this trend and can be as elaborate or as simple as you’d like it to be.

What is a Fairy Garden?
A Fairy Garden is a miniature garden designed to lure in fairies and bring good luck to your home. I love that it’s fun for all ages!

What do I need to make a Fairy Garden?
1.) Container- Find or pot, planter, bucket, or container that will fit the items you’d like to use. I used a 16 inch Hanging Basket with liner and filled it with potting soil.
2.) House or Houses- Fairy houses come in all different price ranges. To save money, I opted to paint my own bird houses found in the Walmart craft aisle for less than $1. I used craft paint and paint pens to embellish each of these birdhouses. I also coated each painted birdhouse with Mod Podge to seal them and to keep each painted house from fading.

3.) Decorative Rocks, Moss and Pebbles- Make a pathway or waterway around your house using rocks and/or pebbles. I was able to find these items at Dollar Tree and also grabbed some flat blue marbles that I opted to use as water! I also sliced sticks and branches to make little cute stepping stones and I love that these items are free! I glued pebbles to one roof and added moss to the roof of the other house to embellish.

4.) Miniature Accessories- The options are endless when it comes to finding cute Fairy Garden miniature accessories both online and in your local craft store. I chose to use this fun 48 Piece Fairy Garden Accessory Kit which includes ladybugs, birds, ducks, light posts, and more. This Miniature Twig Bench is also featured in my garden! I used hot glue on the smaller pieces to attach them to the rocks, houses, and bench so they wouldn’t fall off or blow away. You could even create a fence using popsicle sticks and shape mushrooms out of clay if you really want to get crafty!
5.) Plants- Use plants that grow best in your climate. I prefer succulents because they are easy to take care of and require very little water.

Hip Tip: Before planting, first map out where you’d like your houses to fit. Also plan where to place a pebble or rock pathway. Finish by arranging all the small accessories.

My kids and I had a blast doing this! Even if I didn’t have kids, I would still enjoy making one or two of these for my patio! So much fun.

My Hip2Save colleague, Michelle, created a fantastic Fairy Garden with her daughter using this cute Fairy Garden Cottage along with an adorable 2 inch Miniature Picket Fence. They did a great job – SO CUTE!