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Fun and Easy Back-to-School Photo Frame Craft

If you’re looking for a super cute and fun Back to School craft idea, check out this school bus created out of wooden craft sticks! It makes a perfect keepsake to display those priceless first day of school pictures.

School Bus Photo Frame
Supplies Needed:

Jumbo Wood Craft Sticks (5.75″)
Skinny Wood Craft Sticks (4.5″)
Yellow Craft Paint
Paint Brush or Paint Sponge
Craft Glue
Sheet of Craft Foam, black
Buttons, Gems, & Embellishments for wheels and headlight
Letter Stickers (optional)
Sharp Scissors


For each bus, you’ll need 3 jumbo sticks and 5 skinny sticks. Paint all sticks yellow and let dry. Cut about an inch off of 4 of the skinny wood sticks. Arrange the 4 short skinny sticks so they are evenly spaced vertically. Glue the longer uncut skinny stick across the top of the other four. Glue the jumbo sticks across the bottom of the skinny sticks as shown in the photo above.

Cut circles out of the black craft foam. (I traced the bottom of the round glue bottle, then cut.)  Embellish wheels with buttons or paper brads. Glue another button or craft gem for a headlight. Add lettered stickers to the front if desired.

Attach photos in the “windows” of the bus. Another further step would be to glue magnets to the back so that you could display on the fridge or another metal surface.

We LOVED making this craft and hope you do, too!

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