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Create these CUTE Broomsticks from Pretzels (Easy Non-Candy Halloween Snack)

Looking for an easy, NON-candy Halloween snack?
Get the kiddos into the Halloween spirit by making these fun broomsticks from ordinary pretzel sticks. They are very easy to put together and would make a perfect Halloween party favor or special lunchbox snack.
The best part is most of the supplies are available from the dollar store including the bag of pretzels!

Halloween Broomstick Pretzel Snacks
Supplies Needed:
Pretzel Sticks
Plastic Sandwich Bags
Halloween Pencils or Straws
Transparent Tape
Place a handful of pretzels into a plastic bag making sure each stick is facing up and down inside the bag. Using scissors cut the end of the bag off. Twist and then tape the top of the bag around the end of a pencil or straw. Finish by tying a decorative ribbon around the top of bag.

My kids were pretty impressed with these and excited to get them in their lunches this week! If we have a Halloween party, I’m definitely making more.