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Plastic Spoon & Fork Christmas Trees (Easy Dollar Store Christmas Centerpiece Idea)

If you’re looking for a unique and inexpensive holiday craft, check out these fun DIY Christmas trees using an unexpected craft supply! 🎄
I made this festive centerpiece by simply hot gluing plastic spoons and forks to craft cones! You can use any color spoon you’d like or even spray paint the entire tree after it’s been glued to customize it. The best part is, most of the supplies can be found at the dollar store.

DIY Plastic Spoon or Fork Christmas Trees
Supplies Needed:

Plastic Forks or Plastic Spoons
Styrofoam Craft Cone or Paper Maché Craft Cone
Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Craft Paint
Scissors or Wire Cutters
Decorative ribbon


Paint the cone the same color as your plastic forks, and let dry.
Cut the handles off of forks using wire cutters.
Start from the bottom and glue forks (facing out) around the bottom in an even circle. Rotate the circle for the next row so that you start in-between two of the forks below to create a staggered look.
Keep gluing forks all the way up the cone.
Stick a couple of handles at the top (if desired) and finish with a ribbon on top.

Note: In this example, I used a 5.9 inch Styrofoam cone from Dollar Tree with about 75 mini silver forks also from Dollar Tree. Spoons can also be used instead of forks.

I also made a larger tree with a 9 inch Styrofoam cone from Walmart and about 60 white spoons from the dollar store. I decided to spray paint it using gold metallic spray paint after all the spoons were glued on and then added a decorative bow to the top.

I grouped three trees together on a white cake plate and have it displayed on my kitchen table. This was such a cute and easy craft that I hope you’ll enjoy, too!

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