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How to Dye Easter Eggs Using Silk

If you’re looking for a creative way to dye Easter eggs this year, try wrapping them in silk fabric scraps for a brilliant effect!
Your egg will take on the vibrant pattern of the silk and it’s very fun and easy to experiment with different colors. The key is to use REAL silk, so I headed to my local thrift store first to check out some inexpensive ties and scarves and used the ones labeled “100% silk” just to be sure.

Silk Dyed Easter Eggs
Supplies Needed:

Raw Eggs (White)
Real Silk Fabric (Thrift Store Ties & Scarves)
Scraps of White Cotton Fabric
Twist Ties
White Vinegar
Kitchen Tongs


1.) If using silk ties, deconstruct them using scissors and then cut a piece large enough to fit around your egg. Wrap egg tightly with silk and secure with a twist tie at one end. Make sure the front side of fabric is touching the egg.

2.) Wrap a piece of white cotton around egg and secure with a twist tie. (This is to minimize any bleeding of colors.) Repeat wrapping process with the rest of eggs.

3.) Place eggs in a large pot and pour water high enough so it covers eggs completely. Add 1/4 cup white vinegar and bring water to a boil. Let simmer for 20 minutes.

4.) Transfer eggs to a colander in the sink using kitchen tongs and let cool. Remove the cotton and silk wrapping to reveal your cool design. This is the best part!

Things to consider:

The designs with the boldest colors created the most dazzling eggs!
I’ve read that you can actually re-use your silk a couple times to dye more eggs if desired, but the effect may be more muted the 2nd time around.
For the white cotton scraps, consider using an old pillowcase, curtains, tablecloth, or scraps from another project.
You don’t have to use just ties, any silk garment or accessory would work!
Use your own judgment on eating the eggs afterwards as the silk dye may be different that food grade dye. Just a thought.
Some may prefer to first blow out the egg insides, then proceed with dying the egg shells.
The ugliest ties yield the best results!

What a creative and fun craft. Enjoy!


 Lina ( loves cooking new recipes, thrift store shopping, and DIY home decor projects.