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Lina Likes to Grill Ribs Using Smoker Bags – Simple, Flavorful & NO Dishes to Clean

Note from Collin:
Do you have a product you love? We definitely have many favorite products here on the Hip2Save Team, and thought it would be FUN to share some of them with you! I personally love product recommendations and I’ve also had a few requests from readers, so I have asked each member of the team to think of products they love (cosmetics, kitchen gadgets etc.) and to write up a post to share.

Hi all! It’s Lina here, one of Collin’s sidekicks!

Love delicious smoked meat?
What if I said you can easily get similar flavors from your outdoor grill or indoor oven using Smoker Bags? I’ve used these wood-chip bags for infusing food with smoky flavor a few times now after a family member shared them with me. I actually purchased from Amazon here.

I LOVE the fact that the meat turns out tender, flavorful, and there are NO dishes afterwards to clean! SO AWESOME!

All you do is season your meat, seal the bag, and cook on your grill, oven, or even campfire. These would be so neat to take camping! The bags release smoke as it cooks for a mild smoky flavor.

Here’s how to get fall off the bone ribs using Smoker Bags:

Season ribs using your favorite BBQ seasoning.
Seal them inside the Smoker Bag.
Grill on medium heat for about 90 minutes.
Open the bag and brush ribs with BBQ sauce.
Grill them for another ten minutes longer (bag opened) so the sauce can caramelize.

SO YUMMY! These ribs turned out fantastic!
I’ve only used Smoker Bags on ribs so far, but can’t wait to try it out on fish or poultry. You can’t beat their ease of use and convenience of no dishes! I also think these would make a nice gift for someone who loves to cook or grill.

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