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50% Off Christmas Clearance at Walmart

More holiday clearance finds! 🌲
If you’re headed to Walmart, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for 50% off Christmas clearance including gift bags, bows, tree stands, ornaments, holiday decor and more!

Many of these clearance items are actually things that you can use year-round (not just at Christmas time!) such as gift sets, bows, bags and other items!

Keep in mind that clearance prices and selection will vary from store to store.

Be sure to look for these deals…


The Pioneer Woman 13.5oz Holiday Mugs
As low as $2.50 (regularly $5)

The Pioneer Woman Adeline 10-Piece Punch Bowl Set
As low as $14.86 (regularly $29.72)

Peppa Pig Colgate Kids’ Oral Care Gift Set
Only $4.94 (regularly $9.88)

Gift Wrap
As low was $1.49 (regularly $2.98+)

Christmas Trees
As low was $12.50 (regularly $25+)

Hallmark Character Themed Ornaments – Star Wars, Disney & More
Only $3.74 (regularly $7.47)

SoftSoap Holiday Hand Soap
Only 49¢ (regularly 99¢)

OGX Holiday Shampoo and/or Conditioner
Only $2.87 (regularly $7.99)

50% Off Holiday Leggings
Only $1.89-$2.97 (regularly $3.78-$5.94)

Holiday Crew Sock 2-Pack
Only $1 (regularly $2)

Crayola Fingerpaint Soap
Only 50¢ (regularly $1)

Crayola Foam Soap
Only $1.50 (regularly $3)

Axe Collection 3+1 Gift Pack
Only $4.94 (regularly $9.88)

Old Spice Swagger Gift Set
Only $4.94 (regularly $9.88)

Justice League, Ninja Turtles, Shopkins & Emoji Gift Sets
Only $2.44 (regularly $4.88)

Holiday Time Table Top Tree
Only $6.49 (regularly $12.98)

Holiday Time 26-Piece Ornament Set
Only $2.49 (regularly $4.98)