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Craft These Dollar Tree 4th of July Mason Jar Votives in a Few Minutes!

Make some easy 4th of July decorations!
These America flag Mason jar votives will brighten up your home or patio! Better yet, Dollar Tree has the majority of the craft supplies you’ll need for a frugal, simple craft anyone can do! What a fun little project to celebrate 4th of July.

Check the Dollar Tree for supplies first.
I already had Mason jars on hand, but Dollar Tree has jars if needed. The battery operated candles and colored sand can be found at Dollar Tree, too. My store didn’t have small flags, but the dollar area at Target has three small flags for just $1. Keep in mind, you can also use bigger flags and jars to make these on a larger scale if desired.

4th of July American Flag Votives
Supplies Needed:

Mason jars
small 4×6 inch American flags
colored sand
battery operated candles


1.) Remove flag from the wooden portion, and place it in the jar.

2.) Pour a couple inches of sand into jar. (If you want to use white rice from the pantry or sand from outside, that’s another option, too.)

3.) Place a battery operated votive inside.

Display on a tabletop inside or use outdoors on your patio.
I love these patriotic votive jars so much! Aren’t they fun? This is something that takes just a few minutes each to put together and there’s no paint or gluing involved! I think a few of these would make a nice hostess gift this summer, too.

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