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Turn Cheap Candles Into Luxury Looking Gifts | 5 Easy DIY Ideas

Let’s get crafty with these easy DIY Christmas candle gift ideas.

Love gifting candles? Here’s some fun inspiration! 
I love candles! I enjoy burning them at home, and since they make thoughtful, all-occasion gifts, I also stock up throughout the year. We feature awesome candle deals on Hip2Save often, so I’m thinking you may have a stockpile as I do!

I’ve rounded up several ways to “dress up” a candle to package it as a nice, festive holiday gift! Putting a little extra effort into the presentation will turn ordinary candles into something a little more special.

Where’s the best place to buy candles?
If there’s a candle sale at Bath & Body Works, I’m there – both in-store and online! I can also be found in the aisles of TJ Maxx and Marshall’s smelling all the beautiful discounted candles. This week Walgreens had a nice sale on candles, so I was able to scoop up three 18 oz. jars for under $12!

Removing labels & price tags
While I simply turned the candle jar around to hide the label for some of these examples, they can be removed completely with a couple of easy steps.

If I have the time, I suggest soaking the outside of the candle in hot soapy water. Then you can usually scrub the label off with a scrubbing sponge and dish soap. For stubborn labels, I keep a bottle of Goo Gone on hand, and that stuff works great!

Hip Tip: Have empty candle jars? Here’s how to re-purpose them!

Bottle tree brushes are still trendy this year, and I love this look!
Anthropologie has such pretty bottle brush tree candles. They are my inspiration for how I am embellishing candles to gift this season. Luckily my DIY version is much less expensive and easy to pull off by using hot glue to attach mini bottle brush trees. I also added some white glitter and faux snow to the top, but that is definitely optional!

I noticed so many retailers now carry various colors of bottle brush trees this year including Target, Walmart, Michaels, Dollar Tree, and online on

Watch me make one here on Instagram! 


DIY Candle Gift Ideas




DIY Bottle Brush Tree Candle 

  1. Remove the label.
  2. Apply Mod Podge or white glue to the lid. Add white glitter and faux snow. Let dry.
  3. Use hot glue to apply mini bottle brush trees.
  4. Add a bow with velvet ribbon if desired.


Easy DIY Twine Candle

  1. Remove the label if desired. I left it and thought it looked fine (just personal preference).
  2. Use hot glue to adhere the twine around the candle. Make sure to glue tight enough between rows, so it looks nice and even.


DIY Reindeer Candle

  1. Arrange a few brown chenille stems (or pipe cleaners) into an antler shape. Hot glue or tape them to the top of the candle.
  2. Glue a red pom pom as a nose to the front of the candle, and add a gift tag.


DIY Snowman Candle

  1. Glue three buttons in a row vertically using hot glue.
  2. Tie yarn, ribbon, or fabric strips around the candle as a “scarf”. P.S. My candy cane yarn is a Marshall’s find!
  3. Glue jumbo craft poms to both ends of a strip of cardstock paper and then glue it to the lid sides of the candle as “earmuffs”.


Easy Cellophane Wrap

  1. Wrap a candle with clear cellophane and add a touch of greenery or bow.

How FESTIVE & ADORABLE are these candles?
These easy Christmas candle gift ideas are such a cute way to turn an ordinary candle into something a bit more exciting! Get the kids involved and have them make one for their teacher as an example.

You can even use fabric or pretty tissue paper instead for wrapping them up, or adding a fun Christmas ornament on top would be so cute, too!

Make some for yourself too! I love the bottle brush candle idea to decorate the home for the holidays. It can easily be incorporated into your Christmas decor to enjoy.

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