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Make Scented Christmas Tree Slime for the Holidays | Easy Kid-Friendly DIY

Follow this festive Christmas tree slime recipe!

Want a fun Christmas craft idea to make at home?
Let the kids make something beautiful by following this Christmas tree-inspired slime recipe! The best part, this version smells like Christmas trees. 🎄My kids are still fascinated by creative slime crafts, and this one is super fun and festive! Plus, it’s easy to mix up using just a few supplies.

DIY Christmas Slime




Using a spoon, mix glue with essential oil and confetti.


Mix in water and baking soda.


Mix in the contact solution as an activator. You’ll notice a slime consistency will start to form and become firm. Keep stirring and manipulating the slime. Add additional contact solution if it’s still too sticky.


Eventually, you’ll get a jiggly and fun slime to play with that smells like a Christmas tree. Enjoy!

Tips for creating this Christmas slime recipe:

While you could use white glue, I used Elmer’s clear glue in this batch so that the fun Christmas confetti can show through the transparent slime.

You can find Christmas confetti online and at most craft stores, but I bought mine in the Target dollar section. So fun!

We decided to scent our slime with a nice Christmas tree essential oil blend. Smells so great, although completely optional. I think peppermint essential oil would smell nice, too.

There are a few ways to make slime, but we like using the contact solution. Make sure the brand you use contains boric acid and sodium borate so it’ll work as an activator (I use this Blink brand). For an alternative, try using 1/2 cup of liquid starch like Stay-Flo instead of contact solution and baking soda.

Slime can last for weeks if stored in a tightly covered container. However, I’d toss it if it gets moldy or starts to smell.

Jiggly Christmas slime fun!
Oh my goodness, this scented slime is so cool! We loved playing with it and it made for a fun winter break activity idea. Put on some holiday tunes and whip up a batch of stretchy, scented, satisfying slime to play with.

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