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Give the Gift of Time with the Experience Box that Gives All Year Long

The gift of time is a unique kind present anyone will appreciate.

Want to give the most valuable gift of all?
The gift of time is possibly the most thoughtful present someone could ever give!

Here’s a fun way to pledge time well spent as an incredible gift. ❤️ Consider making an experience box by using a gift box and filling it with 12 fun ideas and activities to spend time with your kids or grandkids.

Each month of the year, the recipient can look forward to picking a card that will reveal a different idea (or two) on it. Make sure to put each card in a sealed envelope to keep the surprises coming throughout the year!

This gift can also become a family bucket list for the new year!

Need ideas? Here are a few activities for inspiration:

Hiking, camping, fishing, or anything outdoors.
Family date nights: movies, bowling, restaurants, etc.
Go to the beach and build a sandcastle.
Learn something new like a cooking lesson, music lesson, or pottery class.
Visit a local museum of their choice.
Host a lemonade stand in the summer.
Visit your local escape room.
Volunteer at a local charity.
Go putt-putt golfing.
Attend a baseball game or other local sporting event.
Have a pizza night and make everything from scratch.
Have a pajama party, watch movies, and eat ice cream for dinner!
Painting night! Everyone gets a canvas and creates a masterpiece!

Gift of Time Box




Decorate or purchase a gift box.


Label your envelopes by month.


Write your creative craft ideas or family bucket list adventures to accomplish that month.


Seal your envelopes so the recipient can open them every month.

Personalize your Gift of Time box for your family and budget.
My plan is to say YES to something I normally say no to! For instance, my kids have been begging me to go to a local Escape Room activity where you have to solve your way out of it as a group. I’ve been saying I’m too busy, so I know they’d love it if we did that as a family.

Disconnecting and simply being with my family is my favorite, and it brings me the greatest joy.

I love this special gift idea!
Make spending time as a family the best gift! I love giving experiences instead of material items, and this is a great way to incorporate that into holiday gift-giving.

Also, I think this would be a nice gift to make specifically for your spouse and come up with some fun and unique date night ideas throughout the year. Don’t forget about the older loved ones in your life, too, as this would be an incredible opportunity to organize some special time together. How thoughtful would that be?!

Here are some heartwarming comments from readers who have done this in the past:

“I did a smaller version of this last year. I have five kids, and I’m a single mom, so each child got to have a ‘date with mom’. My twins got gift cards and tokens in their packages for Chuck E. Cheese. My daughter got a cute stuffed animal of a stingray and a gift card for the aquarium she wanted to go to.

My older son got tickets for a movie with his favorite candy, and my oldest daughter got socks with sushi on them and a bottle of wasabi sauce (she loves it), and a gift card for a sushi restaurant for us to go to together. My kids loved it and so did I!” – Melanie

“I have a lot of nieces and nephews. In years past, I have made them each ‘gift card’ redeemable for things like a dozen cookies, a whole pie, a batch of homemade ice cream… something different each year. They can redeem it for whichever kind/flavor they choose, I supply the ingredients, and we MAKE it together.

They are always so happy because they don’t have to share their favorite treats with their siblings, and we get to spend time together doing something just for them. It was very helpful, too, to space out the amount of money spent.” – Teah

Speaking of family fun ideas, have you filled out your New Year’s Bucket List yet?!