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How to Play the Hilarious Saran Wrap Game at Your Holiday Party

Love funny Christmas party games? Try these Saran wrap ball game ideas!

Need a FUN-for-all-ages game?
You’ve gotta check out this popular Saran wrap ball game that’s sure to take over every holiday party this Christmas and New Year’s Eve! Participants essentially unwrap fun prizes layered inside a giant ball of plastic wrap. It creates so much laughter and silly fun, and the best part is anyone can join in at any age!

It’ll become a fun tradition that’s sure to liven up the PAR-TAY!

This Saran wrap ball game is easy to customize for each crowd.
For instance, if it’s a kids’ party, you can include small toys and trinkets geared toward them. If it’s a more mature crowd, you can throw in some money, lotto cards, and funny gag gifts. And if the entire family is participating, just create a ball with fun items ALL will enjoy! I promise there’s nothing funnier than aunt Karen getting rowdy over a $5 bill. 🤣

Hip Tip: Be sure to check out stores like the Dollar Tree, or re-purpose leftover Halloween candy if you have any. You may even already have small gifts, nail polish, travel-sized beauty items, etc. in your gift closet at home!

**Ahem**  Isn’t that a lot of plastic?! 🌎 🤯
The biggest caveat of this fun game is the amount of not-so-eco-friendly plastic wrap being used to create the ball. While the clingy wrap is what makes this game difficult, there are other materials you can use instead. You can re-purpose newspaper and some pieces of tape, grocery paper sacks, paper packaging fillings, or painter’s tape instead as a more eco-friendly option if you don’t want to use plastic wrap.
Another idea is to use oven mitts to create more of a challenge when trying to peel back the layers, especially when using these plastic wrap alternatives.

Saran Wrap Ball Game


Supplies Needed

  • plastic wrap
  • set of dice
  • candy/gum
  • party favors
  • lotto tickets
  • key chains
  • small gift cards
  • squishy toys
  • money
  • small containers of playdough or slime
  • mittens
  • hand warmers
  • cozy socks
  • holiday noise makers
  • travel size beauty products
  • bath bombs
  • hair accessories
  • and other fun fillers



Start by placing your prizes on a roll of plastic wrap or other wrapping and just keep rolling and layering.


You can even make sure the most expensive gift is in the middle by wrapping that first, and then wrapping everything else around it.


Instead of wrapping in a continuous roll, create some separate sheets, so it’s a little more challenging!

How to play the Saran Wrap ball game:
Grab a set of dice, your wrapped ball, and friends & family who want to join in! 

Have everyone sit in a circle, and decide which direction the ball will go, and also who will start.
One person starts unwrapping the ball, while the next person sitting next to them rolls the dice. Once he/she rolls doubles, they’ll get their turn to unwrap the ball, and the dice will then go to the next person.
The whole point is to roll doubles quickly to get your turn, and players get to keep the goodies they unwrap.
The person who ends up with the ball at the end gets to keep the big prize at the center of the ball.

Try these FUN variations on the Saran wrap ball game!

Have participants wear mittens or oven mitts.
Wrap ball using Press-n-Seal instead of plastic wrap. It’s harder to unwrap! 
For little kids, use a timer instead of dice to make sure everyone gets a turn.
Wrap your items in newspaper or another eco-friendly packaging.
Play Christmas music and start/stop the music instead of dice.
Wrap the items first in paper to make gifts more of a surprise.
Try placing a blindfold around the person unwrapping the ball.

Read these CREATIVE Saran wrap game ideas from other Hip2Save Readers:

“We played this last year at Christmas and put our ultrasound picture in the middle. We told the family there was an extra special prize in the middle! It’s how we told the family we were expecting our first child!” – Kathryn

“I also use a mix of plastic wrap, foil, wrapping paper, and a diaper for the center. I have found that if you do one continuous piece, some people know to grab an end and yank real hard and they get a lot of prizes. By using different mediums and layers, the ball lasts a bit longer so everybody gets several turns!” – Kay 

“We do this at my work Christmas party every year. It’s the highlight of the night. Because there are 50+ people, we are split into 2 teams. My boss wraps a piece of paper in various items, paper, duct tape, electrical tape, painter’s tape, fishing line, etc., and we have a race between the two teams to see who finishes first. The winning team gets bragging rights, and whoever unwraps the piece of paper saying you win gets a special prize!” – Sarah

“We do 3. An adult, teenager, and lil’ ones usually. This year, since things are different, I’m doing individual ones for the lil’ ones and teenagers. And 1 for adults to share. We put lil’ alcohol bottles in our adult one. It’s funny watching adults swap and trade when it’s all done.” – Crystal

“We played this at my company Christmas party once and it was awesome! It was all adults so to make it more difficult (and hilarious) each person had to wear a pair of fuzzy socks on their hands so it was THAT much harder to get the Saran wrap off. I got some good laughs! I work in an animal hospital so seeing an entire room full of people in scrubs with socks on their hands while frantically trying to peel away the Saran wrap was amazing.” Chris

“We did a variation of this game at our work Christmas party and it was so fun. Instead of Saran wrap, my boss used different size wrapped boxes … smallest being gift card size and largest was the size of a toaster box. Whoever rolled a double had to put on a Santa’s hat on their head and mittens on their hands before trying to unwrap the gifts. Whoever opened up the last box won the prize.” – V

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