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Giving Back Through Zaman International

We’ve been asking our readers — “If you had an extra $100, who would you help and how?” Well, the Hip2Save community came forward with an endless amount of charities stationed all over the globe. 

Monica reached out to share the work of organization Zaman International, where she is actually employed. Zaman provides basic needs assistance and vocational skills training by offering clients access to a food pantry, clothing closet, furniture bank, and an assortment of household goods, along with classes in sewing, English literacy, and the culinary arts. Their average clients are mothers in the Southeast Michigan area with 2-3 children, living on under $9,500 each year.


Click here to watch this video on Youtube.

As a Zaman employee, she has seen first-hand the difference their programs make in the lives of families who have fallen through the cracks of traditional assistance. Whether it is the mother of a terminally-ill child who simply needs to know where her next meal will come from, or a newly-arrived refugee who gains the skills and confidence to start a business to support her family, the assistance we give is truly life-changing.

Monica relies on Hip2Save to source high-quality items at low prices to provide families in need with items that she herself would be happy to use or consume. Most recently, she was able to purchase 600 new, brand name winter coats for under $6,000. Score!

With the $100 Target gift card Monica received from us, she purchased 18 pillows and 14 bath towels for her client’s families and took advantage of a 30% off deal to do so! She explained that while most of us take clean towels and comfy pillows for granted, they do place a strain on many of our families who are struggling just to get by.

These items were so gratefully received since brand new pillows and towels are very rarely donated to Zaman. In fact, they had accumulated a waiting list for both items, which was completely fulfilled by the items she purchased with the gift card!

Thank you, Monica, & Zaman International, for all that you do!

We love how dedicated our Hip2Save readers are to giving back in such a huge way. Stay tuned for more giving back stories!

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