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Who Spends More on a Haircut? Lina or Her Poodle?!

Do you SAVE or SPLURGE on haircuts?
What if I told ya I spent about $14.99 on my last haircut? Ha! Yep, which means after tip my price point is around $20 every couple months for my hair. I confessed on our last team retreat that I usually never have the same stylist, and get my hair done at affordable spots like Great Clips, Supercuts, and Fantastic Sams – and my team was shocked!

On a side note, this post was written up last year, but due to all of the engagement and great conversation going on in the comments, I thought it was worth a refresh and bump. Be sure to check out the previous comments for awesome advice on cutting your own hair or DIY dog grooming!

I actually get asked often who cuts my hair, and many seem surprised when I reveal my salon choice, even my friends and family.

My mom recently shared that she spends $60 for a cut/style, and we live in the same area, and have a similar hairstyle! Hah!

You can be stylish with a frugal haircut!
I guess I’ve always been a saver when it comes to salons, but I still love stylish hair! I remember in college I would go to a hair stylist’s home to save on cuts, and then after college, I would go to a local beauty school for even deeper discounts. Finding your local beauty school is a great resource to save on cuts and colors!

It’s funny, though, because I do splurge on myself sometimes in other ways like salon pedicures, gel nails, or lashes, etc. I definitely understand those who’d want to pay more for cuts and color services.


Salons are starting to open again after quarantine, and they look much different. I just got my haircut for the first time last week and each stylist and client wore a mask. The photo below was taken before the coronavirus pandemic. 

I’m super busy and rarely schedule an appointment for hair.
I actually like the fact that you can just walk-in to places like Great Clips, Supercuts, and Fantastic Sams –whenever I have some spare time between work and mom responsibilities. I take my kids with me, and we’ll all get cuts at once for convenience.

Hip Tip: Often, you can save an additional few dollars with paper coupons that come in the mail, so I’ll look for those, too, in my local neighborhood mailers.

Yes, my dog’s haircut costs much more than mine, and I’ll gladly spend it.
When you have a large standard poodle, the grooming that comes along with this type of fur can be spendy. His bill is $75 plus tip. 😱 We love our groomer, and it takes hours to clean and groom our active dog Chewy, so I understand why it’s pricey! I didn’t know this, however, when we first decided to welcome a pet, LOL. 

Hip2Save team members share how much they spend!
I recently asked our team to spill how much they spend on hair salon services, and I received a wide range of answers. Most spend $40+ for hair cut/style, and up to $150 for cut/style/color. Here’s what some had to say:

“I pay $40 before tip for wash-cut-style. My girl could raise her prices to $100, and I’d still go to her. It’s rare to find someone who can handle my thick hair.” – Alana 

“For just a haircut, mine is $50, which includes tip. My cut, highlight, and style is $150 including tip. It’s not cheap, but my stylist does a great job highlighting so that I only have to see her 2 or 3 times a year, as opposed to every 6-8 weeks like most!” – Emily 

“I pay $35 plus tip for highlights, lowlights, and a cut… beauty schools are amazing! They’re supervised and do a great job! Seriously. Look up area beauty schools!” – Jamie

Let us know your price point for haircuts in the comments, and if you have any money-saving tips for haircuts, too

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