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Funny Easter Egg Hunt Ideas to Make the Family Laugh!

Fool your family with these funny Easter egg hunt ideas!

Use these funny Easter egg hunt ideas to host a memorable holiday!
Searching for a clever twist on tradition? How about creating a gag Easter egg hunt for a hilarious way to shake things up this year!

Now, to be clear, for these prank Easter eggs, you’ll want to know your audience and gauge what’s appropriate and won’t be considered mean. For instance, older kids, teens, or adult friends and family would probably be better suited for this activity than young children.

Hip Tip: If you only have young kiddos, we’ve rounded up some non-candy Easter basket filler ideas!

Don’t spend a ton… shop Dollar Tree first!
Here are some creative and simple ideas you can EASILY pull off to ‘fool” your family. These are meant to create silly memories, and not to be taken too seriously! 😂 The best part is, most of these supplies can be found inexpensively at your local Dollar Tree – I love shopping for inexpensive Easter supplies there.

5 funny Easter egg hunt ideas to try: 

1. Super Glue the eggs.

Try gluing some fill-able plastic Easter eggs shut with Super Glue for a sneaky trick! Simply glue the edges and secure the egg back together.

2. Give fake money instead of real money.

These pranks make funny adult easter egg hunt ideas! Make a few of your eggs with real money and fill the rest with pretend currency. Fake lottery tickets would be hilarious, too!

3. Make “pretend” chocolate eggs.

These little treats appear as wrapped chocolate eggs, but they’re really (are you ready for this?) GRAPES! Gotcha! To achieve this look, simply color small pieces of aluminum foil squares using colorful Sharpie markers, then wrap up the grapes. This prank is good for an Easter egg hunt with teens or kids.

4. Fill eggs with veggies instead of candy.

I’m not sure about your kids, but veggies would be the last item my kids would want to find in an Easter egg! 🤣

5. Give participants some REAL candy or prizes at the end!

After all those pranks, you may want to reward your participants for being such good sports. Be prepared to hand out some REAL goodies at the end of your silly egg hunt so nobody goes away feeling completely bummed out. These creative Edible Easter Baskets made from inexpensive candy and supplies would make great parting gifts!

Do you have any funny Easter Egg Hunt ideas?
Please share with us in the comments!

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