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DIY Dollar Tree Hula Hoop Photo Hanging Display (Great for Weddings & Parties!)

Love a clever Dollar Tree tip?
You’ve gotta check out this fun photo display I just made using a hula hoop and supplies from Dollar Tree! Show off photos at a wedding, party, graduation, shower – and even use this idea as fun wall decor in a teen room. I plan to put this in my daughter’s newly decorated room, so she can display her own pictures!

Grab these Dollar Tree supplies first!
You may already have a hula hoop to re-purpose at home, but if not, Dollar Tree has these small, child-sized hula hoops like the one pictured. There are quite a few varieties of faux flowers, succulents, and greenery available there as well, or if you prefer to use some other varieties from the craft store, that’d work, too.

Go for gold!
I love the gold metallic trend in crafts and decor that’s popular right now – it’s so fun! You’ll need some spray paint, and I used this Rustoleum Metal Finish in gold, which turned out pretty. I’m using baker’s twine to hang photos, but if you prefer, another string or fishing line could be good instead.

Finally, the mini clothespins are for holding your personal photos. So cute!

Heat up that trusty glue gun!
After spraying the hula hoop gold and letting it dry, start pulling apart and deconstructing the faux flowers and greenery. This is the key to making them look like an arrangement. You can come up with any style or pattern, as there’s no right or wrong here. You’ll notice I created one longer arrangement and one shorter on the diagonal, mixing individual flowers, leaves, and succulents.

Make sure to use plenty of hot glue to secure the flowers and extra-heavy succulents so they’ll stay put.

Hula Hoop Photo Hanging Wreath


Supplies Needed

  • hula hoop
  • gold spray paint
  • faux flowers, succulents, and greenery
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • mini clothespins
  • string or twine
  • personal photos



Spray paint hula hoop gold and let dry.


Separate and cut individual flowers and leaves from bundles.


Arrange and glue leaves and flowers to hula hoop as desired.Be generous with the hot glue, so flowers don’t fall off easily. 


Glue or tie string to the back of hula hoop to hang pictures.


Use tiny clothespins to hang photos from string and hang your finished display on the wall.

What a fun and versatile photo project!
This will look great in her room, and I love how it turned out. You could pick up a variety of hula hoop sizes and really create a fun focal point for any room or party decor. For a wedding, you could display photos of the couple at the reception. You can even skip the photos all together and just create a fun spring wreath idea!

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