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You Won’t Believe What Denture Tablets Can Do!

Have stains on your favorite cups or mugs?
Denture tablets can clean much more than you thought! From cleaning coffee-stained mugs to insulated drink lids, here’s how to use denture cleaners as the ultimate kitchen cleaning idea!

Here’s what I scooped up from Walmart.

I’ve never bought denture tablets for obvious reasons, so I have to admit that when I had to scoop some up from Walmart, I was a bit skeptical. I thought, “How can denture tablets possibly be a good cleaning hack?

I bought the smallest boxes of denture tablets I could find. My local Walmart had two brands available, Efferdent and Polident, so I scooped up both boxes.

Here’s how this cleaning tip works.

For this project, I grabbed the yuckiest mug I could find in my cabinet. It’s the one I always avoid giving to guests because, well… the stains are embarrassing, and who wants to drink from a mug that looks this gross anyway?!

Following the directions on the box (as you would if you were cleaning dentures), I filled the stained mug with very warm water, but not hot water, and dropped the denture tablets in.

I ended up using 2 Efferdent tablets because I figured the more the merrier – and what could an extra tablet hurt? The mug stain was pretty bad, after all. 💁

Within just seconds, the tablets started fizzing and foaming, so I knew things were probably headed in the right direction.

Here’s what happened after just one hour. 

Can you even believe the end result?! 😱 After pouring out the foamy water, I could still see some of the dark stains, so I gently rubbed it under cold water, and it easily came right off! Now the mug looks brand new!

I even tested out the Polident denture tablets on my coffee mug lid, and it worked like a charm! Now, it looks crystal clean like when I first bought it! 🙌

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