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Why Swat When You Can Shock?

I hate flies!
I’m sorry, but I just do. There’s nothing more annoying than a fly buzzing around that keeps coming back. I also think they are dirty. I hate seeing them land on the edge of my cup of water, and I hate watching them walk on the counter or on my food. I get the heebie-jeebies just thinking about them.

Adding to this, fly swatters are so gross! Once you finally get the fly, you’ve usually made a mess on a window or counter. YUCK! Then, you have to clean up the dead fly. I get a gag reflex just thinking of doing that!

That said, I decided to try the Black Flag Handheld Bug Zapper – best decision ever! It arrived, then I just popped two AA batteries in it, and it was ready to go. To activate the zapper, just press the button on the side and the light goes on – that means it’s ready.

It took some getting used to, as I thought you could just run around swatting ‘old school’. However, I have found the best way is to wait until the fly lands and just lay the racket over it.  It can’t take off without going into the net and then ZAP!
A word of caution…
The fly will come back to life! You can’t just zap it and be done. For some reason, it just shocks it and the fly falls dormant for a few minutes.  Since I want the fly dead I just make sure I keep it in the racket (or sweep it on from where it fell) and then push the zapper. The fly stays on and fries. Then I carry it to the trash or outside and drop it off.

I’ve heard of people taking these zappers on hikes and on camping trips to help with mosquitoes, too. I personally just use it at home on those pesky flies.

Bonus: It has a ring on the end, so I can easily hang it where my old fly swatter hung.
Here’s what sidekick Jamie has to say about the Black Flag handheld bug zapper:

We love these electric fly zappers! Just a tip: Don’t SWAT the bug with the zapper as the zapper will break (we’ve had that happen before). Just gently place the zapper over the bug and press the button. This works great on wasps that make it into the house, too. 

And no, Black Flag is not paying us for this review. I just had to share my LOVE for this bug zapper! 

How do YOU get rid of pesky pests?
Let us know in the comments below!

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