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Get Prepared with This DIY First Period Kit for Home & School

Know a girl who’s growing up?
Consider putting together a fun and informative DIY first period kit to celebrate your child’s big milestone and help her feel prepared and confident at home and at school! This is a memorable time in a young person’s life, and I did this a couple of years ago to make my own daughter’s first period as comfortable and normal as possible, and I’m so glad I did.

Do you remember your first period? 

I know I was terrified the day my first period arrived while attending a friend’s sleepover birthday party, and I was completely unprepared for that experience. I was one of the first in my friend group, so I initially felt uncomfortable and full of anxiety!

The truth is periods are a normal part of womanhood.
Let’s empower our girls by taking the anxiety and fear out of the first period! I had lots of open conversations surrounding this topic with my tween daughter as she approached this milestone, and it was so helpful. She was super confident, prepared, and luckily had the opposite experience that I did.

Make a DIY First Period kit. I highly recommend doing this!

Compile a box of supplies your daughter will be able to use to make periods a little more comfortable. Some of them are essential items like an assortment of pads and tampons, and some are more fun like a chocolate bar, book, and unicorn face mask. She will feel loved, supported and so prepared!

If you are into organic feminine menstrual products, check out the popular Rael brand! We’ve tried lots of their panty liners, tampons, and I personally enjoy their foaming feminine wash that’s perfect for sensitive skin! My Hip teammate Emily is a huge fan of their facial sheet masks too!

Of course, fill your box with your own favorite period products!

Here’s a list of first period kit items to consider:

Ibuprofen for menstrual cramps
maxi pads
The Period Book: A Girl’s Guide to Growing Up
acne beauty face mask
acne pimple patches
feminine wash
feminine wipes
chocolate bar
pocket calendar for keeping track of her cycle
disposable heating wraps or plug-in heating pad (for cramps)

Period underwear is another great investment to consider!
My daughter has and loves this highly-rated 3 pack of girls’ INNERSY brand of period cotton underwear via that gives extra protection when used with pads or tampons during that time of the month. They have a soft comfy hipster fit. INNERSY also offers womens sizes HERE!

Make an on-the-go first period kit for school, too!
I know my daughter had some anxiety about possibly starting her period at school, so I put together a little discrete kit she can store in her backpack using a small travel packing cube. I included an assortment of pads, feminine wipes, and extra underwear she can keep in there just in case.

We were ready for Aunt Flow, and compiling this first period kit was worth it!
This is a smart and easy kit to put together. We did this around the age of 11, and felt like it eased any anxiety surrounding this topic. Definitely consider making one, and let us know anything else you’d add!

Not wanting to compile your own kit? Check out this fully assembled My First Period Sample Kit you can buy on that comes ready to go!

See why The Honey Pot’s plant-based pantiliners are a period game-changer!