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These Designer Copycat Shoes From Walmart Are Giving Us Happy Feet

If you ask anyone on our Hip2Save team the type of apparel or accessories they absolutely love shopping for at Walmart, you’ll probably get a whole slew of different answers. Honestly, I think we all have been so surprised about all the items we’re lovin’ at Walmart!

But we’re dedicating today’s post to a girl’s best friend—shoes. 😍 Check out some of our favorite Walmart footwear below!

Big Buddha Woven Peep Toe – $23.44 (currently out of stock online)

I love these booties given they look so stylish and are super comfortable, even for heels! I wore them with jeans and a peasant top for a fresh, springy look. Plus, they look just like the sold out Sam Edelman Evie heels, but only at a fraction of the cost!

Big Buddha Woven Mule – $12.70 (currently out of stock online)

Another Sam Edelman knock-off shoe! I didn’t really love mules until I came across this gorgeous slip-on. For a designer look that’s almost $90 less, it was a no brainer to pick these up from Walmart.

Big Buddha Jute Sandal – $17 (currently out of stock online)

It’s pretty easy to confuse this cute pair of platform espadrille sandals for something from Steve Madden… probably because they look just like a pair they offer! I have to say, not only does the Walmart price win me over, I love the yellow suede straps for summer.

Time & Tru Footbed Slide – $14.97

It’s pretty clear to see that Walmart took a page right out of Birkenstock’s design book, but I’m not one to complain about sandals that cost $85 less than their designer counterpart! Plus, my sidekick Erica loves these, and she knows a thing or two about sandals (she lives in sunny Florida). ☀️

Big Buddha H Band Sandal in Natural, White, Tan, & Black – starting at $11 (currently out of stock online)

First came Hermes at $650, then came Steve Madden at $80, and finally Walmart with their take on this chic sandal for just $11! At that price, I’ll take two pairs, please!

Time and Tru Basic Scrunch Ballet Shoe – $9.97 (currently out of stock online)

Who wants to spend $195 on a pair of flats? Certainly not me! I picked up a pair of these scrunched flats for when I want to look nice without sacrificing comfort—I have them in multiple colors, too!

Big Buddha Bungee Sneaker – $23.44

I could rock these sneakers all day long! I love the not-overly-feminine blush tone (though they come in black as well) and the fun metallic strap. Oh, and they cost 90% less than the designer sneaks their most likely modeled after.

Athletic Works Avia Sock Top Athletic Shoe – $16.96 (currently out of stock online)

Another super comfortable pair of sneakers! They have very limited stock online, but you may be able to find them in your local Walmart on clearance! Even with their lookalike Adidas on sale, I still got a better deal on these shoes at Walmart.

Time And Tru Quilt Twin Gore Slip-On (Olive) – $14.88 (currently out of stock online)

My sidekick Michelle LOVES these Steve Madden copycat shoes, so much so that she owns them in multiple colors. She rocked both the pink pair and the olive green pair in previous Walmart Wednesdays. These comfy slip-ons sell fast, so you’d better hurry if you want a pair!

Time And Tru Scrunch Back Canvas Shoe – $9.97

Take a walk on the wild side with me! I love this fun and trendy sneaker with its leopard print design. The scrunched elastic makes the shoe fit perfectly so it doesn’t cause any heel friction—naturally, I have them in multiple colors. 😆 In my opinion, they seem better quality than the Roxy sneakers that cost four times more!

Time And Tru Perforated Twin Gore Slip-On – $13 (currently out of stock online)

Another favorite of Michelle’s! And they’re another Steve Madden slip-on knockoff! These casual wear sneakers are perfect in the warmer weather months thanks to the cute perforated detailing.

Check out more summer-ready Time & Tru sandals from Walmart!