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This Reader Made Our Air Fryer Donuts in Just 5 Minutes

You know we love the air fryer.
And clearly, our readers do, too! This week’s Happy Friday submission comes in from Hip2Save Reader, Mary Ann.

She decided to whip up some yummy donuts in the air fryer using our super simple recipe. All you need is some pre-made biscuit dough, cooking oil, and 5 minutes of your time—that’s it! When they’re finished cooking, you can dust them with cinnamon and sugar, or even dip them into some chocolate hazelnut spread.

Mary Ann didn’t have an air fryer of her own, so she borrowed one from a friend who actually ended up letting her keep the air fryer! Sweet! Where do we find some friends like that? 😆

The air fryer makes cooking so easy. If donuts aren’t your thing, try out these insanely easy 2-ingredient bagels and be sure you know all the tips and tricks of air frying.

I love when readers try out our recipes at home and knock it out of the park!

Thanks for sharing your yummy treat, Mary Ann!

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