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My Husband Says Our Traeger Grill & Smoker is the BEST Ever

Our Traeger Grill & Smoker is easy to use & makes the most delicious foods ever.

Love to cook outdoors and curious about Traeger grills?
I love talking about one of my husband’s favorite gifts – his Traeger pellet smoker! I have actually shared about this smoker before, but since it’s grilling season, I thought I’d share again to inspire those of you who are fans of grilled and smoked food!

We have been making delicious food on this high-quality grill for over 3 years now, and love it just as much! In fact, now lots of our family and friends now have their own too! My husband pulled off his first 12 hour smoked brisket recently with mouth-watering results!

“I love cooking with my Traeger! IT IS AMAZING! I love that it has built-in temperature probes and a hatch to change out the wood pellets. The Traeger makes life a lot easier to get excellent, consistent results with limited effort. An added bonus is that you can grill, bake, and smoke, all with the same grill!” – My husband, Joel ❤️

We purchased a Traeger pellet smoker a few years ago, and have used it often, especially since every day is grilling season here in Arizona! 😆 Our specific Traeger Renegade Pro is no longer available, but it looks like the Traeger Pro 575 pellet smoker is the closest to what we have and LOVE. It even has a WiFi connection now to control the smoker from the Traeger app!

My parents cook meals for just two people and own the entry-level Traeger Tailgater (pictured above) and priced at $529.99. It is more compact with 300 square inches of cooking area, is portable, and does a great job too! They love being a part of the Traeger family and use it regularly!

My husband has been enjoying this fun hobby of trying every type of meat, creating seasoning blends, and essentially taking over the cooking responsibilities on the weekends. Yay for that! 🙌

The Traeger is actually easy enough for me to use, too!
While using a propane grill doesn’t come easy to me, grilling with a Traeger is much simpler I think as it’s a set-it and forget it type of smoker. It has knobs to set it to a specific temperature much like an oven. I’m proud of myself as I prepared these awesome chicken quarters in about 2 hours… all by myself — WHOOP WHOOP 🙌

With yummy smoke-infused BBQ meals, our Traeger has taken cooking outdoors to a whole new level!

Grilling vs. Smoking
Typical propane and charcoal grills apply direct heat to the food through the heated grates to cook food faster. Smokers use burning wood and indirect heat so you cook at lower temps for a longer period of time. This infuses a mouth-watering wood-smoked taste that’s different from a gas grill.

Win-Win: The Traeger is a grill and a smoker! We often set it to a higher temp to “grill” foods – anything from smoke (180 degrees) to 450 degrees is considered grilling.

Pellet Smokers vs. Propane Smokers
Traeger is a high-quality pellet smoker and grill that cooks using small wooden pellets fed through a side hopper. Operation requires an electric outlet. Just pour in the wood pellets and set your digital temperature. Aside from checking in every 60 minutes or so to make sure all is good, it’s pretty hands-off!

We started out learning to smoke meat with an entry-level propane smoker that used wood chips to infuse wood flavor. It worked well, but it was a hassle to constantly feed in wood chips, there were flare-up temperature spikes, and it was tricky to maintain even temperatures. We once ran out of propane mid-smoke, and that was a bummer, too.

Why we love our Traeger Grill & Smoker:

Precise temperature for even cooking (and no flare-ups). This yields higher quality, consistent results.

Ease of use. Using a self-feeding pellet smoker is definitely the way to go, as far as setting the temp knob and letting the smoker do its thing. It’s sort of like using an oven!

Easy to clean. To make it even easier, we buy the drip pan liners. Cleaning up the ash is easy to do using a shop vac or a handheld vacuum.

It looks amazing! I know this may seem unimportant, but the design is actually similar to a gas grill and not an eyesore like some smokers. 🙂

Excellent customer service. Traeger is known for its awesome customer service, and the smoker/grill comes with a 3-year warranty.

Some of the AMAZING meals we’ve prepared using our Traeger Grill & Smoker:

Smoked chicken wings are crazy good – so yum! Seriously, if you’re a wing fan, you’ve gotta try them!

Smoked ribs, both beef and pork. Always a delicious choice. A mustard and spice rub is YUM.

Smoked pork belly with honey BBQ are like tiny bites of heaven! Get the recipe from

We smoked a thick t-bone steak once for dinner, and it was DELISH. (pictured above)

Brisket takes all day to smoke, but it’s so tasty if you have the time! It’s our special occasion go-to meal.

Desserts are also fabulous on the Traeger! We have made a cast-iron blueberry skillet dessert which tasted amazing served with vanilla ice cream.

Traeger No-Fuss Chicken has been a family favorite! You can make two at once, and freeze the leftovers.

We also cooked our Thanksgiving Turkey on the Traeger one year! Wow, it was super tasty, and I enjoyed having additional space in the oven for side dishes!

Traeger cooking & support tips: has a huge selection of delicious recipes on their site, and we usually search there first for inspiration.

Check out the FREE Traeger App! It is so helpful with lots of recipes and videos with clear directions. Most newer Traeger models are WiFi-enabled, which allows you to monitor and adjust your grill anytime and anywhere from the Traeger app on your smartphone.

There’s also a large Traeger Grill Owners Facebook group page with an incredibly inspiring community of folks sharing recipes and helpful advice.

Traeger accessories worth considering:

Exterior front folding shelf to extend your work area. It’s a handy spot to rest your plate and tools (we use ours a lot).

Interior extra grill rack to maximize space. This lets you cook more food with an additional surface area.

Full-length grill cover to protect your smoker.

Bucket liners and drip tray liners for easy cleanup.

We sometimes use this digital instant-read thermometer; however, our Traeger also has two temperature probes that allow you to connect meat to the grill to read from the grill’s control panel.

Where’s the best place to buy a Traeger?

Home Depot and Ace Hardware have a great selection and it’s fun to go in-store to browse the different models.

You can purchase one through, which also has lots of recipe inspiration. has a large online selection of Traeger grills to choose from.

Costco also carries Traeger grills and sometimes they have in-store events and specials.

Oh I love having a Traeger grill so much! It’s been a great purchase.
Here are some delicious smoked ribs we actually just smoked over the weekend. My husband tried the method of basting them in brown sugar and butter, which of course made them all caramelized and insanely yummy!

We are self-declared weekend foodies and enjoy being at home and in our backyard, so this is a perfect hobby for us!

It’s worth noting that this is not a sponsored post, just a favorite grill I am sharing as a helpful product review!

Share in the comments if you love your Traeger, too!

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