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The Ultimate Poop Emoji Party Theme How-To Guide

Know any poop emoji fans?💩
I don’t know about your kids, but mine still think it’s hilarious! I love that this theme can easily be adapted for many different occasions, so I’m here to share our ultimate how-to guide!

This poop emoji theme works well as a birthday party for kids or a fun “Holy Crap, You’re Old” theme for adults. It’d even be a perfect “I Know You’re Pooped, Summer is Near” party for teachers! This’ll be your #2 favorite party theme ever! 😉

Good news: this party was easy peasy.
The best part about this theme is you can grab most of the supplies online for convenience! There was very minimal prep work to set up my fun party table because I purchased all my poop party supplies via Amazon and then bought my cupcakes and filled the balloons at the grocery store!

You’ll be poop party ready in no time!

When designing a party, I always start with plates and napkins!

This handy poop-themed party supply bundle includes a bunch of supplies (tablecloth, party blowers, plates, sets of napkins, cups, straws, and even the birthday banner)! Super convenient and way cute!

Aren’t these poop emoji food toppers adorable?!
They’re actually high quality and easy to tape the stick and paper together. Toppers can be used for lots of types of food, not just cupcakes. Think donuts, sandwiches, fruit, or any finger food. So fun and easy to put together. I just stuck them inside colorful cupcakes from the grocery store, and they look fancy and festive.

You can’t have a party without hats!
For the birthday girl/boy, I recommend this adorable large poop emoji plush hat that makes for a really fun guest of honor accessory.

These cute miniature poop party hats for kids say “Stinkin’ Fun Party” on them! LOL

These fun poop emoji cupcakes were an easy DIY!
I did buy the chocolate frosted cupcakes at the store, and then I stuck large candy eyes and added a mouth shape with a tube of black icing. Such as fun and easy cupcake idea, and only took about five minutes to do!

Balloons tie everything together for a festive look!
I ordered these three poop emoji balloons via Amazon and then took them into my local grocery store to have them filled with helium. These fun multi-colored poop emoji swirls were hung from my chandelier to complete the look!

Make poop slime as a turd-ally fun activity!
If your kids are into making slime like mine, they’d love creating this silly chocolate cocoa slime from our Hip2Poop site that looks just like a poop emoji when you create a swirly. It looks so real, yet smells like chocolate (no, they’re not edible, however)! LOL

Who knew poop could be so cute? 💩
Overall, this was such a fun and easy party theme! You could get really creative as there are so many other silly activities to consider like “Pin the Poop on the Toilet” and maybe even feature a poop emoji pinata filled with candy at the party! Whoopie cushions would make perfect party favors, too. So fun!

Don’t forget to say THANK YOU!
I took advantage of a previous thank you card deal from, and designed some funny ones that said: “You’re Stinkin’ Thoughtful!” They turned out so great! HAHA!

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