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Get Your Toes Sandal Ready With These At Home Pedicure Tips

Summer’s here, and it’s time to put your best foot forward—a pedicured foot, that is! Save yourself some cash and skip the expensive salon treatment by giving yourself a pedicure at home. Here are some helpful tips for a perfect application, plus a promo code on the perfect summer polish!

1. Start with a foot soak and a scrub.
Dunk your feet into a warm water bath to soften up the skin. Then follow with a good scrubbing of dry/cracked skin. Pick up a jar of sugar scrub, or make your own with a mix of equal parts white sugar, brown sugar, and olive oil. Add coffee grounds for coarse exfoliation.

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2. Start with a clean, polish-ready base.
If your nails are stained from previous nail color, mix equal parts baking soda and peroxide. Then apply the paste to nail beds. Let sit for 10-15 minutes and scrub off in a circular motion. Once dry, give the tops of your nails a quick scuff with a nail file. Then wipe clean with polish remover for better polish adhesion.

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3. Apply polish with a light hand.
Two thin coats provide better coverage than one thick layer. Apply your polish sparingly for a smoother result and a faster drying time overall. You’ll also want to leave a small space between your polish and the cuticle to avoid peeling.

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4. Top your polish with a quick-drying finish.
Summer only lasts for so long, folks. You don’t have time to sit around inside while there’s fun to be had outdoors. Swipe on a coat of this quick-drying formula and cure up to four layers of polish in only three minutes!

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5. Stay pedi pretty with zero effort.
Before bed, apply a thick layer of lotion to clean feet and pull on a pair of socks. It’s a mildly uncomfortable feeling, but the incubation of lotion on dry heels and toes keeps feet looking (and smelling) fresh at all times.

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