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Work Out While You Work Thanks To This Clever Under Desk Product (On Sale Now)

Multitasking at it’s finest!
It’s becoming more apparent that how much we sit while working has negative effects on our health. But what can you do when a standing desk is out of the question? That’s where the Cubii Jr. saves the day!
For a limited time, Costco members can score the Cubii Jr. Seated Elliptical with Built-in Display Monitor and Mat on for just $179.99 shipped! There are two fun accent colors available at this limited-time price  – turquoise and purple.

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Not a Costco member?
You can grab a Cubii Jr. from QVC for $189.96 shipped! Plus, if you’re a new QVC Member, you can use promo code WELCOME at checkout and pay just $179.96 shipped! This promo code also works for the higher-priced Cubii Pro model that has advanced features including Apple Watch pairing.

But what does the Cubii Jr. do? 

This under-desk elliptical provides you with smooth, seated exercise that is low-impact on your joints. You can choose from eight resistance levels, allowing you to adjust and control the intensity of your workout. It also comes with a built-in display monitor that tracks real-time, calories, RPM, strides, and distance.

Hip2Save team members love their Cubii!

Many of us here at Hip2Save use a Cubii Jr. while we work, and we can’t say enough about how much we love this little elliptical! They fit under just about any desk, they truly are “whisper-quiet,” and they make it so easy to burn calories or to get your steps in while you work.
Check out what some of our Hip team members have to say…

I love my Cubii. I can definitely see the cellulite in my thighs reducing. I love that I can easily get my exercise ring closed on my Apple Watch before even being done with work! – Alana

I love having my Cubii and what a difference it has made. I actually used to get cramps in my legs from sitting at my desk for hours. I would try to get up and stretch my legs but would always forget until they were uncomfortable. I feel like I’m doing something active with my day now! I used to be a runner until I injured my knee last summer. This has given me an opportunity to get moving again! – Jenna P.

I have (very very bad) neuropathy in my feet from chemo. It’s been helping with some of the pains I normally have during the workday by keeping my feet active! – Angela

I have been having issues recently with my legs falling asleep while I work, which can be annoying and painful at times. I thought that moving my legs while I’m working without having to get up and actually “move” could help.

I’ve used it almost every day for a week now, and my legs have never fallen asleep. It takes a little bit of getting used to at first, and you’ll find yourself stopping and starting a lot, but after the first day, I was comfortable with it. I work from home, but it’s quiet enough where you could take it into an office without disrupting anyone. – Jessica

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