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Stop Washing Money Down The Drain With This Soap Dispenser Hack

As someone who goes through a bizarre amount of hand soap (and we’re just a household of two), I was blown away when Hip2Save reader Shanna sent in this tip to reduce the amount of soap dispensed each time you press the pump.

This tip saves you money just by using a simple hair tie. All you have to do is wrap a hair tie several times around the neck of the soap pump.

Why? This helps to use less soap by only letting you pump the dispenser a short way down, though still getting plenty of soap for washing. It’s a quick and easy way to save a little money!

So simple and so smart!
Will this hack save you hundreds? No, probably not. But it will reduce the frequency of having to buy or refill your soap dispenser. And in the long run, it could save you a little bit of cash as well! Perfect for households with littles running around who like to go a little crazy when pumping soap. 😆

Thank you, Shanna, for sharing your functional and frugal hack with us!

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