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FREE Febreze Scented Oil Warmer at Kroger

Looking for the Kroger Free Friday Download?
Through March 9th, Kroger & Affiliates shoppers can head over here and load this FREE Febreze Scented Oil Warmer eCoupon!

This eCoupon is valid only on the Febreze Scented Oil Warmer and has a limit of one – it will automatically be applied at checkout when you use your Shopper’s Card at checkout.

Use it or lose it! This eCoupon is available to load to your store card and use in-store or online before March 9th!

On the first Friday of each month (and sometimes on additional Fridays during the month), Kroger shoppers can head over here and download a digital coupon for a FREE item! This offer is available exclusively to customers with a account and you must download the digital coupon to score the freebie!

Use this coupon with Kroger grocery pick-up! 
With Kroger Grocery Pickup, every item is priced the same whether you place your order online or shop inside the store. Kroger store employees do not accept tips, so it truly won’t cost you a penny more to shop this way! 🙌

Kroger Grocery Pickup also accepts SNAP benefits, so you can pay with an EBT card right from your car.

How does Kroger Grocery Pickup work?

Choose your preferred store location on or in the Kroger app.
Select your items and clip any applicable digital coupons. Note that Kroger’s digital coupons won’t be deducted from your total until you pick up your groceries.
Choose a pickup date and a payment method at checkout.
A Kroger associate will fulfill your order. If one of the items you ordered is out of stock, they will replace it with a similar or better product for the original (or lower) price.
When it’s time to pick up your groceries, use the app to let the store know you’re on your way, and pull into one of the store’s designated pickup spots.
Check-in on the app or call the number on the sign to let an associate know you’ve arrived.
An associate will bring your order out, give you a chance to approve or decline their substitutions, and load your groceries into your car.
At this time, you can hand over any paper coupons you have. The associate will take the coupons into the store, scan them, and come back with a revised receipt.
If you’re paying with an EBT card, you’ll complete your transaction via a mobile point-of-sale system.

Note that this process is the same for other Kroger affiliates, including Fred Meyer, Ralph’s, and Smith’s.

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(Thanks, Mike!)