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Hocus Pocus DIY Floating Witch Hats | Fun Halloween Decor

If the Sanderson sisters are #SquadGoals, this Halloween craft is for you!
Ready to see how I made this easy Hocus Pocus themed Halloween decor by hanging spooky witch hats, a crooked broom, and some witch stockings from the Dollar Store? The witch hats are actually DIY luminaries with dollar store battery operated lights inside, and it becomes a fun effect once it’s dark outside.

Out of all the DIY halloween crafts we have featured, this one has to be one of my favorites, as I love the result! You can just use inexpensive traditional black witch hats, however I noticed the lights showed up brighter in this fun purple witch hat I used!

Hang indoors or outside for creative Halloween porch decor.
You can display this fun and easy craft idea inside like I did, or even outside on your porch or perhaps hanging from a tree for trick-or-treaters to enjoy on Halloween night.

Hip Tips:

Hang your witch hats using small damage-free command strips. They’ll be easy to remove afterwards.
Use clear fishing line for a spooky floating allusion! You’ll love how it really does look like everything is floating!
Light up your witch hats using battery LED tea lights. Another option would be glow sticks, or even LED light sticks.

Witch Hat Hanging Luminaries


Supplies Needed

  • witch hat
  • sewing needle
  • fishing wire
  • battery operated tea lights
  • tape or hot glue
  • small command hooks



Thread the fishing line threw a needle, and thread it through the top of the witch hat. Don’t cut the line yet, but instead pull it about a foot long through the inside of hat.


Wrap the line around the tip of the tea light and tape or hot glue the line.


Repeat by adding a second tea light if desired.


From the outside of hat, pull up on the fishing line and cut the line a couple feet or so above, so you’ll have plenty of line to hang it where you’d like.


Place your command hooks where desired on the ceiling, and hang your witch hats

Hocus Pocus I need Coffee to focus! Ha!
I just love easy projects like this one. My kids and I had fun working on this together!

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