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This Under $300 Kitchen Transformation Took Less Than a Week

Kitchen renovations can be so expensive!
Luckily, our Hip2Save community knows how to stretch a budget. Reader Amy shared her amazing kitchen transformation that came in under $300 in less than a week!

Recently, I had been gifted some hand-me-down appliances from a family member who was starting a kitchen renovation in their home. This sparked me to start a little renovation in my own kitchen. The best part? My project ended up costing under $300 and was completed within a week.
Here’s how I did it:

I bought my primer and paint from Sherwin Williams during a 40% off sale and used a $10/$50 coupon, leaving my total around $95.


I used a Giani Countertop Kit from Amazon for around $80.


My backsplash was completed using peel and stick tiles from Amazon for $30 per package. My project needed 4 packages so, in total, the tiles were $120.


I used a little black spray paint I already had on hand to refinish the hardware pulls.


My “new appliances” were hand-me-downs from a family member who was upgrading their kitchen as well (which is why I started this project in the first place!)

It took me about 4 days to do all the painting. The countertops kit instructed to let the paint dry for 3 days before replacing your appliances, so I painted half my counters, then 3 days later did the other half.

The whole project was done in about a week and a half. Not bad when compared to my friend who hired a crew to do her kitchen—8 weeks and $20,000 later they still aren’t done!

What a gorgeous transformation! 😍
I love how a new set of FREE appliances kick-started such a rewarding project. Better yet, it was so much more affordable and efficient than a traditional kitchen renovation!

Thank you, Amy, for sharing this amazing kitchen DIY project with us!

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