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4 Magnolia Home Decor Copycats to Save You Money this Fall

Chip and Joanna Gaines sure know how to spice up a room for any holiday, and their new fall line is no exception! If you’re looking to not break the bank on some new fall staples pieces, here are 4 copycats that look exactly like the stuff you’ll find at Magnolia but for way less!

1. A beautiful wheat wreath for your front door.

Magnolia Wheat Wreath (left) – $60 
Walmart Richland Preserved Wheat Wreath (right) – $34.99

I think that the side by side comparison of these two beautiful wreaths does all the talking. Why pay twice as much for Magnolia’s wreath when you can get an identical (and slightly larger) one from Walmart?! Your guests will never know. 😉

2. A new mustard tassel pillow for your fall living room.

Magnolia Macey Tassel Pillow (left) – $78
Target Opalhouse Cotton Throw Pillow with Tassels (right) – $19.99

Golden yellow and mustard are beautiful colors to incorporate in your home for fall. I personally love switching out pillows each season to dress up a room for cheap and Target really delivered on a stunning an inexpensive option!

3. Thankful script sign to hang where you feel most grateful.

Magnolia Copper Thankful Script sign (left) – $32
Target Stratton Home Decor Thankful Script (right) – $29.99

While this may not be a huge price difference, any frugal shopper knows that every dollar counts! Plus, I love that the Target sign is bigger than the Magnolia one, giving you more bang for your buck.

4. Round rattan placemats to serve up the perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

Magnolia Rattan Round Placemat (left) – $18
Bed Bath and Beyond Natural Rattan Placemat (right) – $9.99 (member price $8)

Ready to plan your perfect fall tablescape? I’m loving these timeless, rattan placemats to warm up each place setting. For the price of one Magnolia mat, you can score two from Bed Bath and Beyond! Plus, they have 3 different colors available.

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