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These 15 Plants Will Stay Alive and Thrive Even Without a Green Thumb

Gorgeous plants without the hassle!
You’ve got a lot on your plate, and high-maintenance decor can oftentimes be too much to handle. That’s not the case with these trendy easy care indoor plants because they’re all next to impossible to kill and many of them are under $20!

1. Golden Pothos

Also known as Devil’s Ivy, between the beautiful rich leaves and cascading appearance, you’d think these plants would need tons of maintenance to keep them beautiful but they require minimal upkeep. This plant does well whether it’s in a pot or a hanging basket, though we think they look best high up on a shelf where the vines can dangle down naturally.

Conditions they love: Low to medium light and watering only when soil is dry.
Make it your own: Golden Pothos in 6″ Grower Pot

2. Snake Plant

The name sounds a tad frightening, but this plant is sneakily easy to care for. Also known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, these plants stand tall with thick, robust green leaves speckled with yellow accents that will do well in most conditions. Perfect for a corner decor piece in any room of the house or even at your office!

Conditions they love: Low light and watering once a month.
Make it your own: Laurentii Snake Plant

3. Shamrock Plant

Shamrocks – they’re not just for St. Paddy’s Day! These fun and festive plants can grow in shades of green to purple and will bloom periodically with little white or pink flowers — you won’t even believe how beautiful they become. The best time to get your hands on one of these plants is in the spring around (you guessed it) St. Patrick’s Day!

Conditions they love: Bright, indirect light and watering once a week.
Make it your own: 4-in Green Shamrock Oxalis Plant

4. Peace Lily

This plant looks as tranquil as it sounds. A simple bloom of a white with golden center lily is the perfect easy care indoor plant as it requires minimal light and watering. It even detoxifies the air! But in light of all its great qualities, this plant may be better suited for the office if you have pets as it’s poisonous to dogs and cats if eaten.

Conditions they love: Low to medium light and watering once a week.
Make it your own: Peace Lily in 15″ pot

5. Spider Plant

Don’t let the name fool you, these plants are actually quite festive looking. The long green and white shoots only resemble the shape of spider legs, though they’re perfect for hanging pots due to the flowing leaves. Plus, it’s the greenery that keeps on growing since mature plants will grow small plantlets at the end of their stems that you can re-pot for an additional plant!

Conditions they love: Medium to bright light and watering at the base every few days.
Make it your own: Spider Plant in 4″ pot

6. Aloe

Also referred to as aloe vera, you’re probably already familiar with this plant’s name if you’ve ever had a sunburn before. These easy to care for indoor plants are not only visually pleasing, but they also serve a purpose. Whenever you want to get some of the soothing gel from a stalk, simply snap it off and apply it!

Conditions they love: Medium to bright light and watering once a month.
Make it your own: 11 oz. Aloe Vera in Metal Pot

7. English Ivy

This simple and elegant looking vine is pretty versatile — planted indoors, it will trickle down toward furniture from a pot. Planted outside, and you’ve got some serious ground, wall, or tree cover (but if it’s not maintained, it will aggressively spread). What’s really great about this plant is that you can technically get it for free (with permission from the plant’s owner). Just ask for trimming from an existing live vine and stick it in some soil. The roots will regenerate on their own.

Conditions they love: Medium to bright light and watering once a week.
Make it your own: English Ivy Trailing Vine Plant

8. Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen)

Eye-catching with their huge white-speckled dark green leaves, these plants will also visibly dictate what they need. The lighter varieties love brighter rooms (though the light should be indirect), and you’ll notice a bit of drooping whenever they need more water.

Conditions they love: Medium-light and watering once a week.
Make it your own: Chinese Evergreen in .9 qt. pot

9. Rubber Plant

This plant looks too good to be real! It features large deep green and burgundy leaves with some serious shine. Plus, by sticking it outside in the summer to really soak in some light, it can mature to a full-on Rubber Tree, adding a sharp “wow” element to any room!

Conditions they love: Low to medium light and watering once a week.
Make it your own:  Rubber Tree in 6″ pot

10. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Appropriately named for its large waxy leaves that resemble a fiddle, this tree will make a big impact on any room’s decor — literally, as they can grow up to 6′ tall! If you need something to make a statement without having to fuss over it, the Fiddle Leaf Fig is your new best friend.

Conditions they love: Medium to bright light and watering once a week.
Make it your own: Fiddle Leaf Fig tree in 6″ pot

11. Heart Leaf Philodendron

The gorgeous heart-shaped leaves on this plant cascade over the edge of any pot making it another great hanging option, which is also frequently mistaken for the Golden Pothos that we shared above. This plant will also tell you when it needs to be watered — yellow leaves mean too much watering and brown leaves mean the soil is too dry.

Conditions they love: Low to bright light (indirect) and watering weekly.
Make it your own: Heart Leaf Philodendron in 4″ pots

12. Jade Plant

Part succulent, part tree, all glamour. The thick, dense leaves can have a range of colors from green to deep ruby. These trees have been known to symbolize luck and good fortune, and fortunately for you, they’re pretty easy to care for! Overwatering leads to root rot, so just test to see when the soil is dry as an indicator for some water.

Conditions they love: Bright light and watering when dry.
Make it your own: Jade Plant in 4″ pot

13. Peperomia

You could make a mini forest of peperomia with all the color and shape options available! These low-maintenance potted plants do well with basic care, and their pet-friendly nature makes them a great plant for any home!

Conditions they love: Low to medium light and watering once a week.
Make it your ownPilea Peperomia with 2″ pot

14. Ficus

These popular indoor trees are great to fill large spaces as their canopies stretch out much further than their thin trunks. While most enjoy bright indirect light, there are some varieties that grow just fine in lower lit spaces. These easy care indoor plants don’t require much tending to, though if yours starts to lose its leaves, try relocating it to a brighter spot with a stable temperature and only water when the soil is dry.

Conditions they love: Medium to bright light and watering once a week.
Make it your own: Costa Farms Ficus Bonsai 6″

15. Parlor Palm

This air purifying tall palm gives any space a fresh tropical vibe. Plus, they’re great for beginners as they adapt to low levels of light and humidity. They’ll even sprout flowers if given enough light!

Conditions they love: Low to bright light and watering once a week.
Make it your own: Parlor Palm in 4″ pot

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