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Fun Gift Ideas for the Homebodies In Your Life

Searching for home gift ideas for a homebody?
Or just want a way to incorporate fun décor in your home that will make it feel warm and welcoming? You’re in luck! We’ve pulled together several thoughtful, cozy gift ideas that anyone will swoon over! In fact, we’re pretty sure after receiving these fun gifts, the recipients will be so content they may never want to leave home!
1. Plant décor

Greenery is such a perfect way to add that homey feel to any house and really cozy-up a room. While some live plants can be tough to take care of, pretty much everyone has a green thumb for succulents! 😉

Check out these Fat Plants San Diego succulents that can be shipped straight to your door! Each package comes with a variety of beautiful, live succulents, and we couldn’t resist these adorable Owl Pot planters to go with them! These planters are neutral enough to go with anyone’s home décor and add so much charm to these little plants.

Hip Tip: These 15 plants will stay alive and thrive even without a green thumb!

2. Essential oil diffuser

With so many benefits like improving your health, increasing energy, and sleeping better, diffusing essential oils is one trend we don’t see going out of style anytime soon! A VicTsing Woodgrain diffuser creates a relaxing environment with just a few drops of oil that any homebody will appreciate.

This beautiful diffuser comes in four different neutral colors that will fit seamlessly in any home. And with four different time setting modes, you’ll enjoy the calming aromas for up to six to eight hours!

3. Essential oil sets

If you’re planning to scoop up the essential oils diffuser we mentioned above for your special someone (or maybe even for yourself), you’ll be needing some oils to complete your gift.

Whether diffusing or not, oils provide mood-enhancing benefits that help you to de-stress after a long day, like this Aura Cacia 6-oil set. Use with an oil warmer or diffuser, or simply add a couple of drops to a hot bath for a soothing experience. This is a gift that we think any homebody will enjoy!

4. Home décor books

From table tops to bookshelves, a curated home décor book can help anyone create beautifully decorated spaces you’ll never want to leave. We turn to books like Homebody by Joanna Gaines, Styled by Emily Henderson, and The Nesting Place by Myquillin Smith for impeccable home décor inspiration.

5. Candles

I don’t know about you, but the second I light a candle in my home, I feel completely at peace. I love enjoying the aroma of a delightful smelling candle – and Bath & Body Works candles are some of my faves! They add such a relaxing element to any home, whether you’re curled up with a good book or enjoying the company of friends.

The flicker of a candle wick creates its own ambiance outside of just the fragrance. Plus, the jars can be repurposed when all the wax has been burned out. Whether they’re for creating a welcoming atmosphere in the living room, freshening up the bathroom, or keeping a little light on the kitchen counter, a gorgeous candle has its place in every room of the house!

6. Weighted blanket

Know someone who has trouble sleeping or wakes up with anxiety? I feel like we all know at least one person or struggle with these things ourselves. This Weighted Idea Calming Weighted Blanket is the perfect gift that can help with better sleeping habits!

The weighted blanket is designed to encourage deep and restful sleep for everyone. The inner layer features 100% premium cotton fabric making it soft and breathable. The added weight of this blanket helps to naturally relax the nervous system and reduces stress by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged. Who wouldn’t want to fall asleep like that?!

Hip Tip: Find the best weighted blanket deals based on your sleeping style!

7. Canvas prints

Some of the most meaningful presents I have gifted (and have been the most loved) are photos to hang in their home or office. We love the canvas prints from Easy Canvas Prints because of their high-quality materials, easy to use website, and their friendly customer service. You also can’t beat their prices! With their awesome promotions, you can gift multiple prints or even order some canvases for yourself.

Hip Tip: Are you the type that loves to make their own gifts? Check out this Frugal DIY version for how to make your own hanger board prints!

8. Cozy blankets

Are you even relaxing if you don’t have a cozy blanket to curl up with? This is a homebody essential! As soon as I’m curling up on the couch or hitting the bed, I grab my favorite blanket.

This Pom Pom Blanket is such an adorable one for gift giving! I love the huge pom poms which add a unique and fun flair to this blanket you don’t see everywhere else. Not only is it eye-catching, but it’s the perfect amount of weight and warmth to enjoy snuggling all night.

Hip Tip: Looking for more blanket recommendations? Check out FIVE of our favorite blankets on our sister site,!

9. Table centerpieces

Wooden box sets are beautiful and the perfect way to personalize your space. You can customize each box with a special engraving, or fill it with your favorite candles or floral arrangements. These boxes are a decorative piece your gift recipient will use all year round and can fill with their favorite seasonal goodies.

Hip Tip: For a more personal touch or one that won’t break the bank too much, check out our Frugal DIY version and see how you can make your own gorgeous centerpiece!

10. Oversized bean bag chair

Why lounge on a traditional couch when you can get sucked into a super cozy chair like the Love Sac or Cozy Sac? These are the ultimate homebody lounge chairs, filled with memory foam pieces that will leave you never wanting to get up.

We’re also big fans of the Juniper bean bag chair which can even be used outside, completing the perfect outdoor space. Whichever chair you choose, their machine washable covers mean you can lounge with your favorite snack or drink!

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