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Pillowfort Items Chic Enough To Decorate Adult Spaces

Pillowfort, when did you get so stylish!?
When you’re thinking of decor lines at Target, you probably envision shopping the Threshold, Opalhouse, Project 62, and Hearth & Hand lines. But what if we said you could be missing out on another brand to shop—Pillowfort!? Yes, this decor line is geared towards decorating kid’s spaces, but we think these Pillowfort finds look good enough for sophisticated grown-up spaces.

Check them out below!


Chambray Blackout Curtain Panel – Pillowfort™ – $24.99

Nothing childish here! These blackout curtains are perfect when you need to block out light and come in a variety of colors and lengths. They’re so good, Collin even has a pair in her guest home!

Tassel Blackout Curtain Panel – Pillowfort™ – $24.99

Looking for something a little more festive? I’m loving the tassel trim on this blackout curtain. If the multi-color fringe is too much for your style, they also have a purple tassel option.

Clipped Dot Curtain Panel – Pillowfort™ – $19.99

Keep it neutral with these light-blocking panels that feature just a touch of black embellishment.


Large Round Fabric Toy Storage Bin Gray & White – Pillowfort™ – $19.99

Bins, bins, and more bins! Though they’re meant for toys, you can stash away blankets or magazines in these neutral-colored storage baskets.

Decorative Toy Storage Basket – Pillowfort™ – $8.99

No one would guess these baskets are from a children’s line, and they’re available in multiple sizes for your storage needs.

Large Stackable Wood Toy Storage Bin Natural – Pillowfort™ – $17.99

Cheap MFD isn’t exactly chic. That’s why these natural wood stacking bins will fit right in within your grown-up decor.

Large Wood Milk Crate Toy Storage – Pillowfort™ – $17.99

You could even add in these similar style milk crates for additional storage!

Accent Pieces

White Flower Wall Décor – Pillowfort™ – $16.99

Hmm… where have we seen these before? Oh yeah, they look just like the Opalhouse floral wall accents, only they’re a bit cheaper!

Wire Diamond Table Lamp – Pillowfort™ – $29.99

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, and we think this lamp is no exception. Swap out the pink lampshade for something a bit more glam, and you’ve got yourself some statement lighting.

Desk Task Lamp Gold – Pillowfort™ – $24.99

When you’re working late, you’ll be thankful for this task lamp upon your desk. You’ll be even more thankful for the style it brings to your workspace.

Decorative Wall Hanging Toy Storage Basket – Pillowfort™ – $8.99

We could picture this hanging in an entryway as a catch-all for mail, hats, pet leashes, you name it. And if gold really isn’t your thing, it’s also available in pale pink or dark navy.


Triangle Stitch Quilt – Pillowfort™ – $44.99

Need a quality quilt? Over 400 Target shoppers love this diamond-stitch patterned blanket for its durability, reversibility, and color selection.

Triangle Stitch Pillow Sham (Standard) – Pillowfort™ – $10.99

Don’t forget to pick up some matching pillow shams, as well, to finish off the entire bedspread.

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