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Love Plants? Here are 9 of the Best Places to Buy Houseplants Online

Fresh plants delivered straight to your door!
Houseplants are an easy way to spruce up your home – and ordering them online from reputable companies means life just got a whole lot easier! Check out the best online places to score healthy, live houseplants delivered right to your doorstep!

Hip Tips: There are a couple of things I’d recommend before ordering your plants:

Be prepared: Unless otherwise specified, many companies ship plants in nursery containers (like you’ll find at gardening centers), so be prepared to replant them with fresh soil and a well-draining planter once they arrive.
Research them: Consider the plants you’re buying and the amount (and type) of care they’ll require. Some plants need windows with certain directional light, some need more (or less) water, and yet others follow a specified fertilizer regimen.
Take care: Since online houseplants may not arrive with care instructions, you can mark a popsicle stick with when to fertilize, how often to water, how much light they need, etc. Then just stick it in the soil!

The best places to buy houseplants online:

1. Bloomscape

What does Bloomscape offer? Not only is their site extremely easy to navigate by plant size, the difficulty of care, and pet-friendliness (among many other convenient categories), but each plant comes completely “living room ready”. That means you won’t have to re-pot your arrivals immediately!

Your plants come shipped fully grown, and they’re beautifully presented in eco-pots with proper drainage and a matching saucer. Their eco-pots are made from up to 80% recycled plastic, mostly harvested from the ocean, and stone dust which gives it a soft, matte finish that will blend into any home decor. You can literally unpack your plant, place it in its new home, and enjoy!

What can I expect to pay? Starting at $35 for smaller plants and up to $200 for extra large potted trees.

How are they shipped? Bloomscape uses 100% recycled materials. Each plant is shipped in a unique, innovative box that holds your plant and pot securely in place, so it gets to you safely and without the mess.

Do plants come with a guarantee or a return policy? Each plant comes with a 30-day guarantee, so if your plant dies within 30 days, they’ll replace it for free, no questions asked. Bloomscape also guarantees the safe and healthy arrival of all their plants, so if your plant or pot arrives damaged, they’ll happily send you a replacement free of charge.

“I am loving my new monstera plant! The best part – it was delivered straight to my door, already potted, and in the cutest packaging!” – Kaylyn ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

2. Fat Plants San Diego

What does Fat Plants offer? Fat Plants San Diego was founded by two women with a huge passion for all things succulents. They offer a huge array of vast, unique, and vibrant succulents in many different species. You can even order their succulents right from Amazon and enjoy the convenience of your Prime membership benefits. Then, while you’re there, you can also shop gorgeous potted succulent glass terrariums, beautifully curated plant trays, succulents wreaths, trimmings, and single planted succulents. You name it, they’ve got it!

What can I expect to pay? You can purchase succulents from as low as $5 up to $100 for large quantities of succulent cuttings.

How are they shipped? Fat Plants has devised an awesome shipping method to ensure that each succulent order is packed with care and will be delivered safely. Amazon Prime shoppers can also expect packages to arrive quickly and safely.

Do their plants come with a guarantee or a return policy? Most Amazon orders can be returned within 30 days; however, since these succulents are sold by a third party, refunds are subject to change.

“I was super nervous ordering a live plant off of Amazon, but I am SO happy I did! I couldn’t find the succulents I was looking for around me, so I went for it! They are so gorgeous and exactly what I wanted! Absolutely perfect! They also came nicely packed, much faster than expected, and I am absolutely in love! Super healthy and happy. Will absolutely order more from Fat Plants San Diego!” – Kimberlee ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hip Tip: Do you have a serious succulent obsession? I also really love Succulent Studios which sends you two gorgeous curated succulents each month at an affordable cost. Succulent Studios also takes pride in being organic, plastic-free, and Earth-conscious!

3. The Sill

What does The Sill offer? A plant on every sill”. I just adore and love the mission of The Sill! Their goal is to offer an array of easy houseplants so that your life as a “plant parent” is as easy as can be. You can choose between mini, small, and medium-sized house plants, all of which come in beautiful ceramic planter options in many different colors.

The Sill also offers monthly subscriptions for just $35 a month. You can customize your subscription box by low-light plants, pet-friendly, or beginner!

What can I expect to pay? Prices start at just $5 up to $112 for trio plant collections.

How are they shipped? So that none of your orders ever get stuck in a mailroom over the weekend, plants are not shipped out on weekends. However, you can expect your order to arrive safely within 5-10 business days with standard shipping from the day you ordered.

Do their plants come with a guarantee or a return policy? The Sill stands by their “plant parent judgment-free zone”. If you’ve followed the care instructions they’ve provided and your plant dies within its first 30-days, they’ll replace it free of charge. Not only will you buy with confidence, but you will also have direct access to their knowledgeable team of plant experts who’ll answer any and all questions you might have.

“In all my years of ordering plants online, I’ve never had an order arrive that was packed so perfectly! The plants exceeded my expectations as well. Everything was so healthy and beautiful! I would definitely buy from them again!” – Sarah ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

4. Terrain by Anthropologie

What does Terrain offer? Terrain is unlike most nurseries. You can order plants online, but Terrain is also a curated and delicious farm-to-table restaurant! If you have a location close by, make sure you go at least once for the experience!

Terrain takes a lot of pride in merging global and local artisan pieces, plus they offer a full nursery of curated plants for all seasons and homes online and at all of their locations. Online, each plant comes potted in unique and stunning planters ranging from teak wood to metal.

What can I expect to pay? Online, prices for their potted plants range anywhere from $34-$180.

How are they shipped? Terrain carefully ships each plant within 2 business days via UPS.

Do their plants come with a guarantee or a return policy? If you order online and your plant arrives damaged, dead, or does not meet your expectations, Terrain will replace it free of charge or issue a refund.

If you’re returning to the store, Terrain can accept returns only for trees and shrubs delivered and planted by Terrain. Tree and shrub returns will be accepted for up to one year from the original dated receipt. Unfortunately, the physical store is unable to accept returns for roses, vines, or other live plants.

“I ordered the Tillandsia Collection a few weeks back, and they are awesome! All of the plants were different, in great health, and definitely sized medium to even large just like the description said. I love them, they always get tons of compliments, and they are doing great!”Laura ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hip Tip: Can’t get enough of Anthropologie? Check out these copycat home styles that you can get for way less on Amazon!

5. Dandy Farmer

What does Dandy Farmer offer? If you’re looking for houseplants that look more like art, Dandy Farmer is going to be a big thumbs up! Dandy Farmer is a New York-based business looking for a way to incorporate more greenery and purpose into everyday surroundings.

Online, you can choose from a curated selection of easy-care indoor bonsai trees, which are truly an elevated work of art that enhances any space. Each plant comes with the perfect soil and is furnished in a beautiful, handmade pot. If you’re a NY local, you can also head over to their shop or attend one of their upcoming workshops.

What can I expect to pay? Indoor bonsai plants will range anywhere from $35 to over $300 for some of their larger potted trees.

How are they shipped? Plants are conveniently shipped via USPS Priority Mail and will be delivered in 1-2 business days. *Delivery on some plants are limited per location.

Do their plants come with a guarantee or a return policy? Unfortunately, while there is no return policy with their perishable items such as plants, if your order arrives damaged, email or call them for assistance.

“Yesterday I had the great pleasure of visiting the open studio of Dandy Farmer. Very impressive to say the least and such a beautiful collection of bonsai trees potted in in-house destined pots. I would definitely recommend them.” – Brittany ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

6. Léon and George

What do Léon and George offer? Léon and George offer a selection of online plants that fit busy lifestyles, enhance indoor spaces, and supports socially-conscious business. Each of their plants is pre-potted, styled, and ready for their new home!

All of their greenery is grown in the U.S. in native climates, so you can be sure to receive plants that are healthy and thriving. The owners, Ron and Nico, take great pride in traveling to all their suppliers, so they can always learn the best practices and set fair prices.

What can I expect to pay? Plants range from $79 to $110, which also includes their stylish pots.

How are they shipped? Small and medium plants are available for nationwide shipping in a cushioned box which tends to arrive within 1-3 days after shipping.

Large and extra-large plants are only available in the SF Bay area and the Los Angeles area (these come with exceptional white glove delivery service).

Do their plants come with a guarantee or a return policy? Every Léon and George delivery includes a 30-day guarantee and lifetime plant care support to keep your leafy friends happy and healthy, always.

“Absolutely gorgeous and unique plants and very excellent customer service. I would highly recommend Léon and George!” – Amy ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

7. Costa Farms

What does Costa Farms offer? The headquarters for Costa Farms is stationed in Miami, FL, and is one of the largest horticultural growers in the world. You can also find their plants sold online from large retailers like Amazon.

They grow a stunning array of over 1,500 varieties of houseplants, so you can be sure to find something to suit your needs. From fiddle leaf fig trees to succulents and potted bonsai trees, they truly have it all!

What can I expect to pay? Prices start at just $18 and go up to $112 for large trees.

How are they shipped? If ordering from Amazon, you can expect your package to arrive quickly and safely according to their fast shipping estimates online.

Do their plants come with a guarantee or a return policy? Most Amazon orders are able to be returned within 30 days; however, since these plants are sold by a third party, refunds are always subject to change. Keep in mind, Costa Farms wants to remain reputable, so in the chance your order arrives damaged, you should email or call them for assistance.

“So far, I’ve purchased the Costa Farms Clean Air set of plants, the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, and the Boston Fern from Amazon. Each plant was packaged meticulously and they’re all thriving! They all arrived so lush, green, and full! I’m so incredibly happy with how healthy they are!” – Jamie ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

8. Hirt’s Gardens

What does Hirt’s Garden’s offer? Hirt’s was founded in 1915 and is one of Ohio’s oldest horticultural establishments. They specialize in unusual and exotic house plants. Plus, you can even score hard-to-find perennials, seeds, and bulbs from around the world!

They ship all over the U.S. and sell hundreds of their plants on Amazon.

What can I expect to pay? Prices start at just under $3 for small plants, up to $100 for large citrus trees on Amazon.

How are they shipped? There are some shipping restrictions based on the state you’re shipping to. When ordering from Amazon, you can expect your order to arrive quickly and safely according to their fast shipping estimates online.

Do their plants come with a guarantee or a return policy? If your plants arrive damaged, you are encouraged to contact them immediately upon delivery so that they can be of assistance. However, they do state on their website that all seed and plants sales are final and there is no guarantee as they cannot accept responsibility for the results of extreme weather, neglect, unforeseeable acts of nature, or ignoring our hardiness zone recommendation.

“I would give Hirt’s Gardens 10 stars if I could! The Peace Lily Plant that I bought online arrived in excellent condition. A lush, full plant in bloom with beautiful dark green leaves. The plant looks exactly as pictured, and I am extremely happy with this purchase! I like that there are even care instructions, so I know exactly how to keep it thriving.”  – Mary ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hip Tip: Looking for a fun and beautiful way to spruce up your potted plant? Jamie loves these gorgeous watering bulbs from Amazon. This self-watering system eliminates the need to worry about leaving your plants unattended, plus they look absolutely stunning! 

9. ProFlowers

What does ProFlowers offer? Looking for a vibrant, unique, and perfect crafted plant delivered to your door? ProFlowers’ online website has a huge variety of houseplants to choose from, including many outdoor plants and flower bouquets as well. From planted prayer-plants to oversized modern snake plants, ProFlowers really delivers endlessly unique and gorgeous options.

ProFlowers also specializes in high-quality gifting, making this an excellent way to give the gift of some beautiful, fresh greenery. You can conveniently choose your delivery day, and you can even request the same day or next day delivery based on your needs.

What can I expect to pay? Orders can start from just $19.99 and go up to $150 for oversized teak succulent displays. Keep an eye out for their frequent coupons on ProFlowers’ site, so you know you’re always scoring the best deal!

How are they shipped?  Convenient, fast, safe shipping is available at checkout. You can even order same-day delivery (if applicable) and track all your orders online.

Do their plants come with a guarantee or a return policy? ProFlowers guarantees that all their plants, flowers and preserved items will last for up to 14 days upon delivery. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your order, they encourage you to call or email for a refund or replacement.

“ProFlowers was ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Online Flower Retailers, Three Years in a Row” by J.D. Power. They have also received the highest numerical score in the J.D. Power 2015 – 2017 Online Flower Retailer Satisfaction Report and tied in 2017. In 2017, this report was based on 2,103 total responses from 4 companies measuring experiences and perceptions of customers who were surveyed that year.”

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