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The 5 Best (and 2 Worst) Undermount Kitchen Sinks to Buy

I’m a big fan of undermount kitchen sinks! They look seamless with any countertop, and they make it so easy to keep your kitchen clean. Since sinks are an important investment, here’s a list of the best undermount kitchen sinks and some of the worst based on material – all so you can find the perfect one that’ll last you for years to come!

Before I share the best undermount sinks, here are the PROS of having one:

Seamless design makes it easier to clean countertop surfaces. 
No sink edges on your countertop which means it’s easier to keep clean.
Undermounts allow up to half a square foot more of usable counter space. 
Conveniently brush crumbs or spills right into the sink.
Sleeker, more modern design. 
A wider range of options (compared to drop-in sinks) for a true statement piece.
Great resale value as it appeals to more buyers.
Flexibility to put your faucet where you want.

Here are the best undermount kitchen sinks:

1. Stainless steel kitchen sink

Kraus KD1US33B Undermount Sink | $298+

Here’s why we love it:

Made of durable, thick stainless steel
The material won’t chip or scratch
Matches most modern appliances
Sleek DrainAssure technology
Available in 4 sizes
NoiseDefend technology absorbs sound
Contains advanced technology that prevents condensation inside of your cabinets
Comes with bonus kitchen accessories
Limited lifetime warranty

“This sink is absolutely beautiful! Sturdy and well-made. I can wash a big stockpot and very large cookie sheets with ease. The drain design is a work of art. I’m so very pleased with this purchase!”


2. Composite kitchen sink

Elkay Quartz Classic ELGU2522GS0 Undermount Sink | $250+ 
Here’s why we love it:

10 Neutral color options
Made with durable quartz and acrylic materials
Heat safe up to 535°F
Easy to clean with soapy water
Thick material that absorbs noise
Stain and smudge resistant
Bacteria won’t spread on the surface
UV stable so colors won’t fade over time

“Our sink has been installed now for 6 months now, and I have to say it’s just what I was looking for. It’s deep and looks absolutely amazing. The company installing the granite counter top were even impressed with it. I am so glad, after carefully comparing similar products, that I chose this sink. I would purchase this over and over again!”

– Lauren

3. Copper kitchen sink

SINKOLOGY SK302-30AC Apron-Front Handmade Copper Kitchen Sink | $604
Here’s why we love it:

Maintenance free
It won’t rust over time
Durable, heavy-duty 16-gauge hammered copper
Adds elegance to your kitchen
Large single bowl for easy cleaning
Will not turn green with indoor use
Bacteria cannot survive more than a few hours on copper surfaces
Lifetime warranty

“This sink looks so great in my new kitchen! It’s very durable and easy to install. I’m so glad that we decided to go with a farmhouse style sink because it is roomy and deep. I get so many compliments on it!”


4. Cast iron kitchen sink

KOHLER K-5871-5UA3-FF Riverby Cast Iron Kitchen Sink | $700+

Here’s why we love it:

Comes in 13 beautiful colors
Durable and guaranteed not to chip, crack, or burn
Comes with sink kit and accessories
Bowl slopes 2° toward drain to minimize water pooling
Convenient drain location to maximize under counter space and workspace
Can be used with a garbage disposal
Limited Lifetime Warranty

“I am a big fan of undermount sinks in general, but this one really sets the bar high. I like the functionality of the material, cast iron. The sink is large, and not having a center divider really creates more space and function without taking up more space in the kitchen. As far as cleaning, I don’t think it gets any easier than cleaning this sink. Overall, this is a really great product.”



5. Fireclay kitchen sink

SINKOLOGY SK499-30FC Bradstreet II Farmhouse Apron Fireclay Kitchen Sink | $499

Here’s why we love it:

Timeless and classic style
SureFire glaze serves as durable protection and makes it easy to clean
Works with most garbage disposals
Large basin for cleaning dishes, pots, and pans
Guaranteed to not chip, crack, stain, or rust
Lifetime Warranty

“I am so in love with my new sink! When they say it is crisp white, they mean it! It’s so shiny and looks beautiful with my granite countertops and stainless faucet. We had a professional install it, and the flat bottom and sides made the install way easier than the fireclay sink at our previous home. So far, so good on the finish – no scratches or stains and it’s exceeded my expectations! The sink really is the centerpiece of our kitchen, and if you are into that farmhouse look, this is absolutely the right way to go!”

– Kathy

Worst-rated sink materials: 

1. Porcelain kitchen sinks

Reasons not to love them:

Stains very easily
Scratches easily with regular use
Chips and cracks easily
Overall very poor quality
Not durable for long-term use

Here’s what some owners of porcelain sinks had to say:

“I purchased this sink for a home remodel and it arrived in great shape and looked fantastic…except within the first week of using it, I noticed a brown stain from coffee even though I have been careful not to let anything sit in it and have always flushed it with water. Regardless, it has still stained. Now, most of the bottom of the sink is covered in light brown stains after a few months of use. Metal pots and pans will scratch it very easily. Along with the light brown stains, there are gray marks in the finish. I am looking at replacing with another option and would not recommend due to its poor finish.”


“The sink looks great, but already has a chip and crack in the porcelain after only 1 week of use. Not as chip resistant as advertised.” 

– Sarah

“I had this sink installed less than 7 days ago, and it already has scratches. Sadly, it scratches very easily and the quality is so poor. To top it off, I had it installed with new quartz counters which I can’t replace…I’m so very disappointed. I can only imagine what it will look like after a couple of months.” 

– Jackie

2. Acrylic kitchen sinks

Reasons not to love them:

Not durable enough for long-term usage
Soft polycarbonate will not stand up to petroleum-based materials
Scratches and chips easily
Steel wool or other corse sponges can scratch the surface easily
Burns easily so this material is not good for hot pots and pans
Subject to vibration from garbage disposals, etc. which can loosen the sink (leading to leaks)

Here’s what some owners of acrylic sinks had to say:

“The price tag for acrylic sinks was very tempting, but I’m sad to say I’ve been regretting my decision ever since. You’re not supposed to use any abrasive cleaners on it, but everything scratches it, and there’s no way to get rid of the black marks that pot & pans leave. I was so disgusted one night, I took some fine sandpaper to it to file down the grooves of the scratches. Builders may like this – but they don’t live in the houses they build! If you like a clean & sparkling sink, this material isn’t for you!”

– Glen

“Acrylic does not deserve one star. I would give it zero stars if it was an option. In the description, it says scratch resistant. HAH! I have had one in my house for just 2 years, and it looks like a wolverine attacked it! It’s only my wife and me in the house, so it’s not like kids have been abusing it either. Horrible product. Looks great new, but acrylic should only be used for a shower or tub.”


“After a few months, I started noticing a mark around the drain like it had a stain. I sprayed it with bleach, it was still there. I even tried my stove top cleaner on it, nothing would take it out. Over the next few months, I noticed it was getting bigger! Totally disappointed with the quality and have already replaced it with something else.”

– Sherry

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