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10 Ways to Make a Small Living Room Look Bigger

Small space, big problems?
Tiny living rooms don’t have to actually feel cramped and claustrophobic just because the square footage is lacking. Here are some solid tips to make your small living room feel and look bigger than ever before!

1. Choose lighter colors.

Lighter colors reflect light so when decorating make the bones of your room light. Don’t be afraid to use white either, as Erin Fetherston did in her gorgeous living room. You can still make your room feel cozy by playing with lush textures rather than tons of color. And to keep things feeling even more spacious, opt for lighter-colored furnishings and decor as well.

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2. Show off the legs.

Choose furniture with legs so that it sits off the floor and gives you the illusion of more floor space.

Here are some of my favorite sofas with legs for all budgets:

Budget-Friendly – Copper Grove Svoge Upholstered Sofa
Mid-range – Derry Sofa – to easily find this sofa on Wayfair search SKU: W002268099
Splurge – Safavieh Florentino Tufted Sofa

3. Use stripes to your advantage.

Stripes that run the longest part of your floor gives the optical illusion that your space is longer and larger. Or go bold with vertical stripes on your walls. This will draw your eyes up and make your space feel larger than life.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to use black and white to make an impact; even the subtlest of colors can make a big difference!

Here are some of my favorite striped rugs for all budgets:

Budget-friendly – Safavieh Hand-Woven Dhurries Blue & Ivory Wool Rug
Mid-range – Bazaar Ruggle Blue Rug
Splurge – Safavieh Winslow Stripe Rug

4. Hang curtains high and wide.

Windows are one attribute in a room that makes a room feel more open so it’s important to enhance them. To make your windows appear larger, hang long curtains higher than the window, close to the ceiling, and hang each panel on either side of the window as opposed to over the top of it, as shown above.

Just look at what a difference some properly hung curtains can make in a small space! 😍

5. Get rid of clutter.

Less is definitely more when it comes to tiny spaces. Small items that are populating will make a space seem cluttered and much smaller, take advantage of storage space for small items that don’t need to sit out and clean out the clutter!

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6. Hang your lighting.

Hanging lights, whether it be a wall sconce or ceiling light, will free up valuable real estate on your floor. You can also even try this light hack that Lina did so you don’t have to deal with any wires when installing them!

Here are some of my favorite wall sconces for all budgets:

Budget-friendly – Madrot Glass Globe Wall Light
Mid-range – Urban Barn Wall Light
Splurge – Wray Black and Antique Brass Plug-In Wall Lamp, set of 2

6. Clear furniture for the win.

Using glass or clear acrylic furniture will create functional space, without looking like it’s actually taking up too much space.

Here are some clear furniture ideas: 

Coffee Table – Overstock Clear Acrylic Coffee Table
Dining Room Chair – Corvus Irene Modern Clear Acrylic Dining Chair with Armrests – Set of 2
Office Desk – Coaster Home Furnishings Acrylic Sawhorse Writing Desk

8. Use floor mirrors to your advantage.

Mirrors are known to make spaces feel bigger simply because they reflect whatever is in front of them. A large gorgeous floor mirror will make a huge statement in your room.

Here are some of my favorite floor mirrors for every budget:

Budget-friendly – NeuType Full-Length Mirror
Mid-range – Ashton Mango Wood Mirror
Splurge – Gleaming Primrose Mirror, 7 feet

9. Make use of your ceilings.

Hanging plants and chairs not only free up floor space, but they also add a really fun element to your home. Both will also draw your eyes up and make your space seem taller.

Hip Tip: We love plants at Hip2Save! Here are some of our favorite places where we recommend buying your new greenery and here’s Collin’s favorite place if you don’t mind splurging. 😉

10. Break the rules of tradition.

Who says you need to have certain furniture for it to be a living room? Just because most have a sofa, coffee table, accent chairs, side tables, etc, doesn’t mean your space is meant to have it all.

Style your space with what works and flows the best, and if that means you have a large ottoman for extra seating rather than a traditional coffee table, then just go with it!

You’re going to love these tried and true IKEA items!