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Is a Farmhouse Sink Right For You? (+ 5 Sinks We Love!)

Farmhouse sinks have been around forever, but they seem to be popping up in so many kitchen renovations right now (Joanna, we love you 😉)! So if you’re wondering if a farmhouse sink is right for you, here are the pros and cons, along with five highly-rated sink recommendations (based on popular farmhouse sink materials).

PROS of farmhouse sinks:

Farmhouse sinks are a statement piece with an appealing apron front
They’re a timeless style and design dating back to the late 18th century
They’re big enough for many purposes, including:

Easily washing large pots and pans
Bathing small children
Easily soaking laundry that requires handwashing
Washing your furry friends

You can choose between many different materials and colors
You can have a double or single sink basin

CONS of farmhouse sinks:

Farmhouse sinks are typically more expensive than standard sinks + installation
Installation is very complex because:

It probably needs to be installed by a professional
It’s heavier than most other sinks (especially Fireclay sinks)
The cabinet below will need to be outfitted properly to fit the sink
Countertops need to be custom cut for the sink

More water required to fill up the sink
Larger surface areas make cleaning the sink a challenge (a pull-down faucet makes this easier)

Here are 3 experiences with farmhouse sinks from our team:

“I installed a farmhouse sink in my previous home, and I LOVED the look of it! However, the bottom of the sink didn’t slope very well toward the drain, and I always had to use my hand or the sprayer to guide food into the disposal. Sadly, I’ve read that this is a common issue with farmhouse sinks.” – Marley

“I love the look and the size of farmhouse sinks! I have had mine for a few weeks now and absolutely love it! One of my favorite features is that I can lay a huge pan in there when baking, and it fits tons of other pots and pans. Farmhouse sinks are a lot more to consider because you need to modify cabinets and build a support system, etc., but otherwise, I really love it!” – Michelle

“I love using the farmhouse sink at my aunt’s house. She always hosts our family holiday events, and her sink always comes in handy with the cleanup after our big family gatherings and any events she has. It really makes a difference with the efficiency of cleaning up, and it’s much easier to store and clean up the large serving dishes, platters, and all the large pots and pans.” – Alyssa

Shop our favorite, highly-rated farmhouse sinks based on popular materials:

1. Cast iron farmhouse sink

KOHLER K-6489-0 Whitehaven Farmhouse Single Bowl Kitchen Sink | $980-$1,500

“This sink is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The comments we’ve received from family and friends are amazing! It’s totally solid and brings out the best in our new farmhouse kitchen. The simple lines and the gorgeous surface is a true show stopper. Make sure to get the matching stainless racks that fit in the bottom of the sink – you’ll thank me later!”

– Ray

💭Something to think about: 

Cast iron is among the oldest, most timeless, and very durable materials used for farmhouse sinks, but it also comes at a cost! Additionally, they are extremely heavy and will require proper reinforcement when installing so its weight doesn’t damage your beautiful cabinetry below.

2. Quartz farmhouse sink

Karran QA-750-BL Quartz Double Basin Farmhouse Kitchen Sink | $680+

“I’m beyond happy with this sink. I love the size of it which allows for large pots & pans to be washed and another side to rinse. The center divider is the perfect height for washing those odd-shaped large cookie sheets. Also, the color was exactly what I was looking for to match my granite, and the matte finish is the cherry on top! This is a solid sink, heavy, and not cheaply made, perfect for my rustic 1901 farmhouse kitchen.” 

– Cheryl

💭Something to think about: 

If you’re looking for a durable and easy-to-clean sink, this could be the best choice for you. And with so many quartz options out there, there’s a design to fit every kitchen! However, it’s almost too durable in some cases. Since quartz is made to mimic stone, if you have kids who like to drop plates in the sink, your beautiful dishes could break more easily.

3. Fireclay farmhouse sink

SINKOLOGY SK499-30FC Bradstreet II Farmhouse Apron Fireclay Kitchen Sink | $499

“I am so in love with my new sink! When they say it is crisp white, they mean it! It’s so shiny and looks beautiful with my granite countertops and stainless faucet. We had a professional install it, and the flat bottom and sides made the install way easier than the fireclay sink at our previous home. So far so good on the finish – no scratches or stains and it’s exceeded my expectations! The sink really is the centerpiece of our kitchen, and if you are into that farmhouse look, this is absolutely the right way to go!”

– Kathy 

💭Something to think about: 

Fireclay is durable and non-porous, but it will require some minor maintenance. Over time, if Fireclay is not cared for properly, it can develop cracks, surface chips, stains, and scratches. However, if taken care of properly, it will resist these imperfections and stay looking beautiful and timeless for years to come.

4. Copper farmhouse sink

SINKOLOGY SK302-30AC Apron-Front Handmade Copper Kitchen Sink | $604

“This sink looks so great in my new kitchen! It’s very durable and easy to install. I’m so glad that we decided to go with a farmhouse style sink because it is roomy and deep. I get so many compliments on it!”

– Marcie 

💭Something to think about: 

Copper tends to be one of the most expensive materials, but on the plus side, copper is extremely unique, anti-microbial, durable, and won’t rust or corrode over years of use.

5. Stainless steel farmhouse sink

KRAUS KHF200-30 Standart PRO Farmhouse Apron-Front Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink | $380

“I’m so in love with my new farmhouse sink; it’s definitely my favorite piece in the kitchen now! I was looking for a quality apron front sink at an affordable price, and this was it. It also matches all of our stainless appliances perfectly. I’m very happy with it performance wise, too. It’s very solid, deep for washing all my dishes, and a bonus, it came with an awesome strainer and wire bottom accessories. Overall, this sink is exactly what we were looking for and needed!”

– Lewis

💭Something to think about: 

Stainless steel is going to be your most budget-friendly option, plus, it’s durable and very easy to clean. To keep your stainless steel sink looking new for years to come, invest in a 16 or 18 gauge stainless material (they stand up to heavy use and make less noise).

So, should you have a farmhouse sink?
While farmhouse sinks are definitely more complex to install (including other possible cabinet modifications), they’re timeless beauties that not only create a statement in your kitchen but are completely versatile. If you’re like me, you’ll find that – once your sink is installed – the pros far outweigh the cons!

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