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When to Replace These Common Household Items May Shock You!

Keep your home safer and cleaner with these recommended replacements for household items.

These common household items are going bad right before your eyes…
We get it. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and let the small things slip by with little notice that’s why I’m sharing some facts about these common household item replacements and when you should be ditching said products. You may be surprised at why these common household items need to be replaced pretty frequently.

Here are 10 common household items you should replace more than you think:

1. The water filter from which you drink daily.

Whether you’re drinking from a fridge filter or a stand-alone reservoir, it’s important to keep up with your filter maintenance.

Did you know most contaminants in your water, such as bacteria, are totally tasteless?

If you frequently use the water on your fridge, it’s recommended to replace the filter about every 6 months or sooner if the little red light comes on. Luckily, most new refrigerators let you know when the filter needs to be replaced. You may be able to get away with changing it just once a year if you don’t use it often.

2. A kitchen sponge you clean your dishes with is one of the dirtiest household items that needs to be replaced.

According to the NYU School of Medicine, your kitchen sponge is considered the germiest item in your kitchen. In fact, you’re more likely to get food poisoning from an unsanitary sponge in your home than in a restaurant. 😱

To avoid spreading harmful germs all over your clean counters and dishes, it’s recommended to replace your sponge every 2-3 weeks. In between replacements, it’s recommended you sanitize your favorite sponge every single day.

Here are 2 ways to properly sanitize your sponge:

Put it in a bowl of warm water and microwave it for about 60 seconds. Wring and let dry.
Mix bleach with water and immerse your sponge in the solution for a few minutes. Wring and let dry.

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3. Your toaster you rely on for crisp toast and bagels.

Even your household appliances need to retire eventually. Not only should you be cleaning those crumbs out regularly, but it’s also recommended your toaster be replaced every 6-8 years depending on how frequently you use it. This will help prevent fires from loose crumbs and other foods that become wedged inside.

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4. The mattress that helps you catch lots of Z’s… 😴

According to a National Sleep Foundation study, 75% of adults have problems sleeping well. Aside from any medical conditions someone might suffer, the main culprit is most likely an old mattress. It’s recommended to replace your mattress about every 8 years.

Although each mattress is different, and the quality from brand to brand can vary greatly, you should never go longer than 10 years sleeping on the same mattress.

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5. The fluffy (or not so fluffy) bath towels that dry you off.

No matter how much you spend on towels, they still need to be replaced eventually! And while I hope you wash them regularly, it’s recommended to replace your towels every couple of years. This is around the time when towels begin to lose all of their absorbency from repeated and frequent washing and this will happen even quicker with the overuse of fabric softener.

Consider donating those used towels to places in need, like an animal shelter. Or keep them around the house and use them as cleaning rags.

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6. Your toothbrush you shine your smile with.

This household item is often forgotten! An old toothbrush that is becoming deformed or frayed won’t do an efficient job at cleaning your teeth. According to the American Dental Association, you should be replacing your toothbrush every 3-4 months regardless if it’s an electric or regular toothbrush. You should replace it even sooner if the bristles are fraying.

7. The razor that keeps your skin silky smooth.

Whether you’re shaving your legs or your face, it’s recommended to replace your razor after just a few uses! Tugging, nicking, or visible rusting are obviously signs that a razor needs to be replaced. Most razor companies, like Gillette, say that razors should be replaced after 5-10 uses.

The Grooming Lounge states that “for best results, double-edge blades and cartridges should be swapped out every 3-5 shaves“. Of course, this will vary from brand to brand depending on the quality.

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8. Your home’s air filter for quality breathing.

Buying an entirely new HVAC system is costly, so replacing the air filter regularly is crucial to maintaining a good running system. If you’re not replacing the filter, air won’t flow through the HVAC system properly, debris will build up and become clogged, and the motor fan will work harder than it needs to which will eventually result in overheating and system failure.

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Here are recommendations on when to replace your air filter:

Average family homes: every 90 days
Homes with 1 dog or cat: every 60 days
Homes with more than 1 fur pet: every 20-45 days
People with allergies: every 20-45 days
Vacation Homes or single occupant homes: every 6-12 months

Hip Tip: These recommendations also go for other filters in your home as well like your vacuum filter and stove hood vent! Make sure to take note of the recommended time to replace them according to the manufacturer.

9. Your home’s smoke detectors to keep you and your family safe are crucial household items that need to be replaced.

We learned back in elementary school to replace smoke alarm batteries every 6 months during daylight savings. Lucky many don’t require that frequent battery changes now. However, did you know it’s also recommended to replace the actual smoke detectors in your home? It’s recommended you replace them every 10 years from the date of manufacture.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 3 out of 5 home fire deaths result from fires in properties without working smoke alarms. Smoke alarms should be checked every month and replaced when they’re too old. They also state that the risk of dying in a home fire is cut in half in homes with working smoke alarms.

In addition to replacing your smoke alarm, don’t forget to clean your dryer vents regularly. The U.S. Fire Administration, states that 2,900 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year!

Angela recently had her dryer vents professionally cleaned and just check out the difference!

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10. The router that keeps you up to speed is a surprising household item that need replacing.

Is your WiFi slow (or not working at all)? It’s likely because you’re due for a totally new router. According to The New York Times, it’s recommended to replace your home’s router every 3-4 years. Just like you upgrade your iPhone, these electronic devices also need an occasional upgrade.

Upgrading your router will improve the speed and efficiency of your signal when streaming your favorite movies on TV, checking Facebook, or shopping online. Plus, you’re less likely to experience any more irritating WiFi interruptions.

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