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Say Goodbye to Stainless Steel Streaks By Using THIS

Is your stainless steel full of streaks?✋
After purchasing new appliances recently that are stainless steel, I’m suddenly realizing these are actually a struggle to keep clean and streak-free. All of this shiny-ness is coming at a cost – me constantly wiping them down!  If you have kids, then you may also relate to this struggle!

Even after wiping them down, sometimes all you can see are streaks EVERYWHERE! 😱

After buying multiple cleaning products marketed for stainless steel that ALL didn’t work for me and weren’t that budget-friendly, I tried simply using damp microfiber cloths to polish off handprints and smudge marks per a friend’s advice – and they work GREAT!!

Finally! There are NO streak marks or lint left behind at all, unlike with paper towels! 

Where have these cloths been all my life!? HA!
After using microfiber in my kitchen, I quickly realized they are great for polishing any shiny surface, and I’ve been using them frequently on the granite counters, sink, faucets, and even mirrors in BOTH the kitchen and bathroom areas.

Keeping a microfiber cloth in my bathroom has helped us EASILY keep the vanity area clean after daily use by quickly getting rid of any watermarks on the faucets and counters.

Some benefits of cleaning with microfiber cloths:

You’ll end up using fewer paper towels which is a greener, more frugal way to clean! Just wash them in the laundry.

Less chemical cleaners. For basic, greasy smudge marks and handprints, all I have to do is wet the towel with just water, ring it out well, and wipe off appliances, faucets, mirrors, etc.

Use them wet or dry! Dry dusting shelves and furniture with microfiber cloths is very helpful as well.

Some of my other favorite uses for these cloths are cleaning our stainless steel trash can,  small countertop appliances, electronic screens, and in the car.

Can ya tell I love these cloths?! 😍

Where can I buy microfiber cloths?
I purchased and personally enjoy this Evriholder brand, but you can find them inside most big box stores in both the cleaning and automotive aisle OR head to Amazon!

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