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Our Team LOVES These 5-Star Rated Made By Design Microgel Pillows From Target

Sweet dreams! 😴
Getting a good night’s sleep is so very important, and without a comfortable pillow, you might not sleep that well. Since I was recently in the market for new pillows, I was so excited to hear that my Hip Sidekicks, Marley and Michelle, both absolutely love these Made by Design Microgel All Positions Pillows!

Hip Tip: Since these pillows are a Target exclusive brand, they’re backed by Target’s 1-year return guarantee! Awesome!

Here’s what Michelle had to say about these pillows:

“These pillows were recommended to me by a team member, and they are AMAZING. They keep their shape and feel like much higher-end pillows that would cost a small fortune!”

They have six inches of microgel filling that forms to the contours of your head, providing support and comfort. Plus, they have a breathable cotton-blend exterior for added softness. You can sleep well knowing they’ll retain their shape with the high-quality microgel!

It’s not just Michelle and Marley who love these pillows.
Check out some of these awesome reviews:

This is literally the best pillow I have ever slept on. Not just slept on but slept against, hugged, etc (I sleep with 4 pillows). I normally have neck and shoulder pain but never since I got these! When I casually picked it up in the store and squeezed it, I honestly gasped. Even wrapped in plastic it felt amazing and I scoured the aisle for any that were left.”

These pillows are wonderful. I hope they stand the test of time and last at least 6 months. But I think they’re so comfortable! I am picky about my pillows and think they have the perfect weight and density.”

“Best decision ever! I love these pillows! They are always fluffy and comfortable. Really is for all positions… I’m a back or side sleeper, and my husband likes to sleep on his stomach or side, and it works for both of us!”

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