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These Metal Wall Shelves Are Sturdy & Deep Enough For All Bathroom Essentials

Everyone could use a little more storage.
Whether it’s the kitchen, the closet, or any other space in your home, it’s probably crossed your mind that a little extra storage wouldn’t hurt. For me, it’s the small bathroom in our guest house. We’re currently living in our tiny guest cottage while renovations are happening in the main home.

To make the space we’re living in more functional, I knew that we needed to do something to give us better access to the toiletries and bathroom essentials we use every day.
Enter: the most perfect metal wall shelves.

Without having to add a bulky cabinet or find space to carve out for interior wall storage, I came across these 24″ hanging metal shelves from Project 62 that provide almost 8″ of shelf space on each unit. They’re perfect to hold all of our essentials within reach, like toilet paper, cologne, and mouthwash, and even sturdy enough to hold my huge Caboodle—sweet!

The sleek design can be dressed up too. Simply adding a plant, a candle, and some artwork takes the functional shelf and elevates it to stylish decor! I just love the clean look.

If you are working with a really tight space, you can opt for the smaller 12″ size that still offers the same depth of storage space.

These shelves have been a life changer in our small bathroom since we’re pretty limited on countertop and cabinet space—and for just under $25, it’s money certainly well spent! I think the simple white style fits in perfectly with our neutral space though the shelves are offered in black as well for darker color palettes (all the other colors appear to be out of stock).
It’s not just me who loves these shelves.
Check out these awesome reviews if you need more convincing:

“Love everything about this shelf! I ordered the longer 24″ option, and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality! I love how deep it is to allow room for larger decor items.”

“Love these shelves. We put them up in our bedroom and dining room. Great quality, color, and so easy to install.”

“Perfect! Good quality, minimalist design, and exactly what I needed for my space.”

Need help styling wall shelves in your home? Here are some decorating ideas!